Will FORSPOKEN be one of the BEST games of 2023? πŸ€”

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The New Forspoken gameplay by Square Enix is looking really good! #Shorts #forspoken #gamescom

The last we heard of Forspoken (save for an ad that became an unfortunate meme) was a delay into next year, with the PS5 console exclusive now arriving on 24th January 2023. The game has always looked a little on the rough side whenever we've seen it, but things are shaping up a little better in this latest video, courtesy of IGN.

The 10-minute video gives us a wider view of the action RPG, in which you play as Frey, a regular girl who accidentally winds up in the mysterious realm of Athia. With a talking bracelet fixed to her forearm, she suddenly has access to powerful magic, and will need to use it in order to fight the bad guys, traverse the open world, and get home. Plenty of these attacks and abilities are shown off, and it looks very flashy with large effects popping off everywhere and fast-paced movement through the environment.

Elsewhere, we learn about the peaceful hub named Cipal, where you can trade goods, pick up quests, and pet cats. One sidequest sees Frey journeying to Praenost in search of tools for a smith, who promises to make you some cool equipment. Dotted throughout the world are treasure chests, pools of mana, permanent upgrades, buildings in which you can improve your gear, and more.

Save for all the graphical effects, it's nothing we haven't exactly seen before, but the vision seems to be coming together now. Here's hoping the game is as fun to play as it looks when it arrives in a few months. Are you looking forward to Forspoken? Tell us in the comments section below.

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