The best way to collect video games in 2022. New & Retro
The Best and Alpha way to collect retro and new video games. It is all about the hussle Stop conplaining The method that has worked for me in 2013 to now till #WEF says in 2030 I am happy for owning nothing #saltycracker #retro #retrogamer #retrogames #videogameaddict #videogames #collector #collecting #ps3 #playstation3


  1. Damn Seb you make me feel like I need to pick up my game haha! I didn’t know you sold some of the stuff you pick up. Loved the video my friend!

    1. My girl runs my IG since I don’t do social media so I’ll get it when she gets home from work. Thanks brother

    2. Haha good cop bad cop. I always see things you grab I like man lol. You get some fantastic pickups always. I would like to swap info sometime so we can communicate outside of here. Anytime my friend I always support my boys!

    3. Brother, you need to get that game!! Hahaha. If it’s an ad somewhere let me know I will lowball them making your offer a sweet deal lmao

      Good cop bad cop lol

      Steve it’s hard to say brother. Usually when someone says something of deep desire for a thing i found and I dont care for it, I will just hook them up with a deal. If you see something let me know brother

      Appreciate your support as always my friend

  2. Great vid Seb
    I just normally recollect retro games that I heavily enjoy or never played that look appealing and modern games that look appealing when I get time

    1. Heyyy Philip! How you doing brother?

      I am the same way as you. Just, I rather my hobbies fund themselves and that’s why I wanted to make this video. How to get lots, to resell, to get what you want.

      Appreciate you watching dude

  3. You certainly know how to get the good deals buddy. I will use your tips and try to pick up a psp mine is crying out in pain when loading games now 😂

  4. Spoken like a true O.G. 😂

    I gotta get on your level, Broseb! 🙌🏻🙌🏻

    Edit: Some real advice here, folks! Don’t let it slip past you!

    1. @broseb  I think I’m doing good, then I watch your latest pickups and then I realise I suck at this game 🤣🤣

  5. Awesome video Seb, some great advice.
    I got messed about with a megadrive set a few months ago and I should have dealt with it better
    Stay awesome my brother 🤘

  6. Haha some points make me laugh on how you put yourself forward… Very informative bud & I think this would be a good VR for the community. Great video as always seb 👍 #gEtTaaNoooo

    1. Cheers for watching dude. But we got an issue. Didnt appreciate that bullshit msg from that horned demigod. Would have thought with all your blessings you would be on the better side.

      It’s also awkward as fk that you dont address what has happened and all the drama. Not even about who was wrong or right…but to own up to what was said and done and move on. A redemption arch is in everyone’s story. Better to be cordial for your own sake. Hope you fix that for yourself

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