10 Cancelled Video Games You Can Actually Play

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43 thoughts on “10 Cancelled Video Games You Can Actually Play

  1. So happy to see Thrill Kill on this list. It was the first bootleg game I got on the PS1 and it was amazing. Hilariously wrong, but great nonetheless.

  2. I had thrill kill on a knock off disc for the PS1… Was such a good game 馃槀 I remember a special move caused the game to crash, probably a bug that would have been removed from the final game…. Good Times

  3. Thrill Kill was completed it was just cancelled, still one of my favorite games to play for the sheer absurdity of it all.

  4. Thinking about PT still has the power to push me into apoplectic rage. On the other hand, I do actually own a PS4 with PT on it, so at least I have that.

    1. @Alan Michael Jackson 馃叆 I’m sure they are. But if I sold mine, I wouldn’t have PT anymore. I suppose I might part with it for a big enough offer, but I’m not really interested in giving up my slice of game history right now.

  5. I found a out there was going to be a Kenny vs Spenny video game based on the Canadian tv show. You can find 1 part of the game online with even the orginal voices supplied by the cast

  6. there is a copy of PT playable fully on pc , i still got my zip file of it and it plays great . had it been released i would have bought a playstation to play the real game.

  7. I miss cheat codes, Game Genie and Game Sharks 馃檨 and the books that had cheats codes for thousands of games. Good ol’ days

    1. I was just talking about gameshark yesterday. Now you can look up anything, but most games don’t even have cheats, expecially like “R1 R2 L1 X LEFT DOWN RIGHT UP LEFT DOWN RIGHT UP”

  8. There’s also the MMO Lego Universe which got shut down in January 2012 but got revived December last year under the name Darkflame Universe as an open source server emulator which allows you to host your own server to play the game.

  9. Okay so this is the History of Sonic Xtreme and how much of Disaster it was. It started development along with Sonic 3D during the Genesis. Then it got moved to the Saturn development and split into two Development teams one was working on Levels and the other was working on Boss Battles using two different game Engines but an argument had broke out over them using the Knights into Dreams Game engine and the Developer of Knights had threatened to quit if they didn’t drop using his Game Engine and Destroyed the work hence why nothing related to the Bosses has been leaked. Because of that delay and in fighting why the Saturn basically got nothing new related to Sonic. Now Sonic Extreme ended up getting moved to the Dreamcast Development and Sega was basically in bad financial problems and the team was forced to rebuild the game from a single engine and it turned out wasn’t compatible with the Dreamcast and started over with Sonic Boom with a split team who if memory serves was working on the Wii Sonic game. All around it was a disaster on every level because Sega at the time of the Saturn was ruined with infighting Between Sega of America and Japan and Game Development teams was fighting with Each other. Plus console Development teams was infighting it’s no wonder Sega was on the verge of Total Bankruptcy!

  10. No One Lives Forever 1 and 2 should be in this list, it’ free, multiplayer still populated, and one of the best spy story ever with a design and direction phenomenal

    1. @KittenPyroNao it’s a first person shooting game set in the 80s with a spy story. Is still now both NOLF 1 and 2 one of the games with the highest metacritic score of all time (borh more than 90). The story and characthers are so engaging and well crafted, a lot of locations and gameplay elements originals. Multiplayer is still active. Game is free you can download and play it easily. I had a blust playing these last year. There’ also a spinoff: Agent Jack

  11. A man spent years collecting the pieces of the only working arcade cabinet of primal rage 2, which is mostly playable thanks to small changes

  12. Golden Axe remake was a thing that people were talking about on steam not long ago. There is a free demo people could download.

    1. I was about to say! One of the developers made a stink about that, too; the game was troubled by executive meddling, cancelled due to inter-office politics, and then an alpha version was released years later, without the approval of the dev team. And with the cheeky name “Golden Axed”, which somebody apparently took personally. He put them on blast in the games media and it turned into a minor shitstorm for Sega.

  13. I had a modded PS1 many years ago and got to play all the banned games. All praise to the bootleggers. 馃檹馃従馃ぃ

    1. Congratulations you have been selected among the shortlisted winner’s for the ongoing Ps5 giveaway What’sapp the number above 馃憜.

  14. Can I just say with Saints Row Moneyshot was one thing I DEFINITELY wanted. Why? Because Saints 2 doesnt explain how Dex gets his comeuppins after betraying the Saints. Or how the gang becomes the Face of Ultor. Or why Shaundi changed from the lovable lightbulb smoking hippie to the lovable uh…. Well…. She’s more serious and I know its because of Gat and…. Yeah…. But seriously would like to see SR$S

    1. I just feel like we should’ve gotten a more direct sequel to Saints Row 2 than follow-ups that feel disconnected from that tone and direction despite what the numbering would imply.

    2. I see Saints Row 3 as the unofficial reboot, and with the “Gangstas in Space” ending revealing the events had actually been part of a film, Saints Row 3, Saints Row 4, and Saints Row Gat Out Of Hell are all apart of the same movie franchise based on the real Third Street Saints gang after knowledge of the climatic events of Saints Row 2 became widespread enough to prompt a film to be produced based on the infamous street gang, however Hollywood true to form, not having any knowledge of the actual people involved decided to add their own additions and made changes as to appeal to a wider audience, hence why everyone looks completely different, why Shaundi is now more serious and hardened rather than the laid-back stoner she used to be, Dex’s continued absence as he wouldn’t have been known about by the public having gone into hiding years prior, and why the events just kept getting more outrageous and unbelievable, which lines up perfectly with how movies today are made. Playing through the series with this in mind makes it so much easier to go along with and accept the drastic differences between games rather than devide the series in two. Now if only they could continue the story of SR2’s ending perhaps as a comic book series, if not in video game form, which would allow for a seamless continuation without having to recast anyone or leaving anyone out like what happened with Johnny Gat actor Daniel Dae Kim and his role on Lost resulting in him bein unavailable when SR3 began production.

  15. No way, “Thrill Kill” was the first game that came to mind but i was thinking about the Wu-Tang adaptation. that’s wild

  16. _”You take control of an ape who suddenly has superhuman strength and an affinity for wrestling. It’s practically a Jules’ origin story”_
    Why is no one talking about the brilliance of this joke?

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