How To Resell Video Games On eBay In 2022!

In today's video, I go over the 6 steps of reselling video games on eBay. eBay Stores: Last Video: I Listed $2000+ Worth Of Video Games On eBay! Check Out These Videos: Do This To Boost Your eBay Sales! | Step By Step Tutorial The Best eBay Listing Schedule For Video Games! List These Items On eBay To Boost Sales! How To Ship Small Items With Canada Post For CHEAP! How To Source Video Games To Resell On eBay! (ANY BUDGET) Socials: TikTok: Email: Commonlad Tiktok: ​ ​Commonlad Youtube:

9 thoughts on “How To Resell Video Games On eBay In 2022!

  1. Hey dude! What if the game comes with an installation and playing disc? (e.g. GTA5 for Xbox360 or COD Advanced Warfare) Do we need to install the game too or just test both discs without doing so?

    1. I recommend testing both disks. For the game disk you want to test it till the starting screen and for the install disk you want to make sure it loads till the point where it asks you to install👍🏻

  2. Hey Val, I have a question and I need your advice. Do you offer free shipping with the games or do you add charged shipping? I live in the United States and I got two sales and used free shipping but something ran into my mind like what if i charged for shipping but I wanted to ask someone that has been in the market for a while.

    1. @Air Val No, it does. Thank you for the information. What’s a fair price to buy games at a lot. I have only found games for roughly 3-4 dollars. I am not finding those in a dollar to two dollar range for any games. I have navigated with all your tips and I have found some interesting lots. I am nervous since it’s in the 3-4 dollar per game price range. Is it worth paying even if it’s at a 3-4 dollar price range?

    2. I do charge the buyer for shipping. I charge $3.50 for Canada wide shipping on games with cases, $2.50 for Canada wide shipping on loose games, $10 on shipping to USA for all games, and $14 for world wide shipping on all games. These are the prices that Canada Post charges me for shipping. Hope that helps!

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