Video Games Monthly March 2022 unboxing

In this video the nerds unbox their Video Games Monthly box for March 2022. Find out what goodies are inside, right now

34 thoughts on “Video Games Monthly March 2022 unboxing

  1. The clues on these were top notch!
    The Lock’s quest looks pretty interesting.
    Mary, don’t feel bad for looking at the floor during shooters. It took me a while to figure that out. I however, preferred to look at the ceiling. 🤪

    1. I need to try locks quest that one sounds interesting. Lol. She is working on getting comfortable with the 2nd stick with it takes two

  2. Nice box! Love getting WiiU pulls. That is such an underrated system….

    I am late to the party getting my box filmed this month. Being sick is no bueno….

    1. That is a system i looked over for a long time. I need to discover it. Something is going around because i have been sick as well

  3. Sweet, if I had a wii u I’d be jealous. Great box of games this month. I wonder how those Xbox games are.👍🏻🎮

  4. Great box this month! It is so cool that VGM is doing Xbox one and PS4. When they start doing Switch, I might add that.

    1. Geoffbox had switch games but i think that is gone for good. We actually get a ton of xbox one games. Which is really cool

  5. 3 sealed xbox one games, that would be a massive win for me! But what a great box in general. I wish We had a company as good as VGM do boxes here in the UK. Great vid 👍🏻

    1. 3 sealed games is definitely a win. Geoffbox was created by a single person. You can always start your own VGM. Thanks for the love

  6. Fantastic box, nice to see some Wii-U games in there and that Alekhines Gun seems interesting, not one I had heard or seen before.

  7. All those “Ups” at the beginning and nobody mentions you already had a Seven Up! Now I want to play the Famicom Baseball JRPG! And seriously now, Locke’s Quest is going on my list 😎👍

    1. We can make the game. Ill write the story and you do the programming. Throw it up on Kickstarter and get rich. Haha

  8. Well look at you guys. All WiiU rich in this month’s box. 🤑 Splatoon is an awesome game. My boy loved that game on the WiiU. Never gonna go wrong with most LEGO games either. Solid getting some sealed XBox One titles too. What’s the Alekhines Gun game like? Saw that one pop up a few times now. Good box guys. 🤙🏻

    1. Hahaha is Wii U the new Gamecube? We are excited to try out Splatoon. I need to try out Alekhines Gun. We were very happy with this month’s box

  9. Really great box and 3 sealed Xbox One games! Trails Rising is a pretty fun Physics based racer, but it’s very difficult. I’m interested in Locks Quest, but again lots of great games in this box

    1. Mary has a Masters degree in Physics so I might have her play it. Lock’s quest sounds like a ton of fun too. We were thrilled with this box.

  10. Nice box guys! Hopefully splatoon isn’t only online not sure if the original game was or not. I’m assuming the famicom baseball is the same as the NES version but it was one of the more fun baseball games I played on it. Although you jrpg about baseball sounds better Fresh 😂.

    1. I do not believe it is online only at least according to Wikipedia and if it is on Wikipedia it has to be true. Hahaha. I need to partner up with a programmer and get my awesome ideas finalized haha.

  11. I like the idea of a JRPG Baseball game–that HAS to be something Japan has. Hey, that Lego game looks familiar! Spoilers!
    Sealed games–uh-oh, in your house that just means they’ll go on the wall for display huh? ha ha j/k

    1. Right?! They are too crazy about rpgs and baseball over there to not have a baseball rpg. I imagine he walks around with a bat the size of clouds sword. Thats right we reseal all our games for display purposes. Hahaha

    1. Hahaha yes! It was gone too long. I did not have a ton of games growing up so nothing is more nostalgic than that wall

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