Video Games Monthly February 2022

#videogamesmonthly #vgm #unboxing VGM #17 Play the past into the future. Check them out at If you want to see an awesome collection from an awesome dude. Check out Nostalgia Lane at the link below: This month's Limited Edition tasty brew is from Aldus Brewing Co. Wee Dame Barrel Aged Ale 8.5%ABV Check them out at Aldus Brewing Co. Hanover, PA Follow me on Twitter @GamesDrink Feel free to Share any of my videos with friends and family. If you Like the video please hit the thumbs up. I have heard it helps small channels like mine grow. Subscribe if you haven’t already and definitely leave me some comments. I love conversing with you all. This video was not made for kids and is not listed as so.

43 thoughts on “Video Games Monthly February 2022

  1. I had no idea the offroad game looked that good! I love how you put clips of the games in your videos. Definitely gonna check it out later as i love racing games! Great video Josh! get better man 👍

    1. I am all good now bud. Recorded this a few weeks ago and needed to fit it into my release schedule a little better. I always try to show off the game some. It’s better than just watching me drink beer and talk. 😂 Off Road challenge is fun man. The N64 has a ton of great racing games.

  2. Super tennis is a great game! Challenging as hell but a lot of fun. Keeping my eye out for that off-road challenge. N64 is my least favorite console so I’m always looking for games to make it a bit better experience for me haha Not too bad of a box. I’ve been considering playing jeopardy on a Block toy he future episode. I think having categories and questions from the 80s/90s would be interesting to try and answer hahah Stay awesome brother! 🤘🙏❤️

    1. That would make a cool episode for your channel dude. I actually caught myself playing a full game of it when I popped it in. Made me feel smarter than I am. 🤣 Was really happy to get both Super Tennis and Off Road Challenge. Both are a-lot of fun. Have an awesome weekend bud. 🍻

  3. Good stuff man, I understand what you are saying about the Super Nintendo. The games I have got from them haven’t been to great either. I think the n64 filler is much better than a lot of the other consoles, probably because the library is so small. Have a good one my friend!

    1. For me there is more nostalgia for the NES and N64 than the SNES. Just the way it landed around my age at the time. But I feel like there are a lot of amazing titles still for me to explore on the SNES. Just gonna be more selective on what I pick up. And I understand that for them to send me the good ones it’s not gonna be cost effective. But for the other 2 systems I aspire to a full set one day so it’s good. Have a good weekend dude.

  4. Glad to hear you’re on the mend! Cool little box. Off road has been one I need to play sometime too. Appreciate the shout-out man! I see many more trades in the future man. Keep up the good stuff!

    1. Feeling much better dude. Hopefully I was able to send a few folks your way. You have a great channel. I was pretty happy with getting Off road challenge. It’s definitely one of the good racing titles for the system.

  5. Sorry to hear you’re been under the weather, but I’m glad you’re feeling better. Thanks for sharing the monthly unboxing! Slalom seems to be a popular game this year!

    1. Feeling much better now. A couple of days of misery. 😂 I know right. Been waiting to see if they sent me Slalom and I finally make a trade for it and end up getting it right after. 🤣 Thems the breaks I guess.

  6. That T-Shirt is fantastic.
    I thought everyone had a copy of super Tennis TBH.
    Shame about the duplicates but really good of them to replace the one with something.

    1. It’s hard to Explain to the kids how much of an impact that Beavis and Butthead had on the MTV generation. 😂 I sadly did not have a copy of Supper Tennis. Not an expensive game but it’s a good tennis title. Glad to have gotten it. They do have some really good customer service and take care when they make a mistake. Thanks for watching dude. Cheers🍻

  7. Not too bad of a box, eventho there was a duplicate. Nice to know that VGM always takes care of their customers and ensures they send them a replacement when they have messed up. It’s funny that I just got that Jeopardy game on the goodwill website a few weeks ago. Keep the great content coming. Cheers!

    1. All in all I enjoyed what they sent me for the month. I actually found myself playing a full game of Jeopardy when I cleaned and tested the game. Surprised myself that I was enjoying it that much. 😂

  8. Nice gets! I also have trouble with focus and collecting. For me it’s usually whatever console I have hooked up lol but also at the same time I got games for many systems always coming in.

    1. Yeah it’s like being a dog when a squirrel runs past. 😂 The positive part is that you have a much greater chance of finding something when hunting. Thanks for checking the unboxing out dude. 🤙🏻

  9. Off Road looks pretty fun. I love the original arcade game. Glad they sent a replacement with the quickness. I got the package 📦 today. Hope to make a video today or tomorrow. Glad you are feeling better.😷🍺

    1. Thanks dude. Feeling much better now. Recorded this one a few weeks back. Off Road and Super Tennis were great scores from the box! Glad you got the package today. Hope you enjoy all of them. I will be looking out for a video. 🤙🏼

  10. Hey Josh sorry to hear you got it man but glad you are coming out of it and getting better now. The beer looks good. Thanks for sharing these boxes it’s always fun to see what’s in them. Have a good weekend buddy.

    1. Thanks dude. Recorded this a few weeks back. Feeling much better now. This is a small batch beer from a local brewery. Very tasty. The brewery is a cool little place not to far from home either. Very cool. 🤙🏻 I know they are not for everyone but I always have fun with these boxes. Hope you and the family have a great weekend to man. 🍻

  11. Hope your feeling better soon fellow Josh! I’d take super tennis and off road challenge myself! Hope the next box is pretty solid! Again love how you show the pricing of the box and little bit of game play! Do love the beer stuff as well! Also gonna give that guys channel a sub as well!

    1. Thank you. I am felling much better now than when I shot this video. That’s awesome dude! I love throwing some shoutouts around and help connect people with others in the community. Terry is a good dude too. 🤙🏻 Not too bad of a box this month other than the duplicates. But VGM does so good with correcting if it’s on them. Super Tennis and Off Road challenge we’re the definite winners. Both are alot of fun.

  12. Off Road Challenge and Super Tennis look good! Glad you’re feeling better and can enjoy that beer again. Great vid as always. 👍👊

    1. Thanks dude. They were definitely the ones I was most excited to get. Slalom would have been one too but I got that one from Firefly in a trade recently. Not a bad box but not nearly as good as last months. 🍻

  13. Not too bad a box would have been happy with that one! I’m a Nintendo fanboy tho so probably biased haha! I have a list of SNES games that I know i had as a kid and been slowly ticking things off as i pick them up again. Funny enough Super Tennis is one i defo had but not on the list so will have to keep an eye now! Glad you’re feeling better looks like its going around the community!

    1. Thanks dude. Feeling much better now. 🤙🏼 Other than the duplicate this was a really cool box. I am right there with you dude. Total Nintendo fanboy since I was a kid. I was pretty excited to get Super Tennis off the wishlist.

    1. @Drink & Games with Josh! Absolutely, they are🔥🤘 January’s was a Rockin’ one, if my memory serves me well🤣😂

    2. Thanks dude! They are Icons of a generation. 🤣 Hard to top January’s box but a few good grabs in the box minus the duplicates. Not a ringer but was happy to get Super Tennis and Off Road Challenge is pretty fun too.

  14. Super Tennis is only good when you’re playing against another person. It’s one of the few games I had when we got our SNES.

    1. I had actually never played it before. Honestly passed it off as just another sports game. It’s pretty fun. I can see where it’s a lot more fun couch co-op though. Thanks for watching dude. 🤙🏼

  15. Glad you’re doing better…I got my bout in Jan. and had one really rough day with chills and a faver but nothing else luckily.

    1. Thanks man. Much better now. For me it was about a four days of misery and 2 days of exhaustion. Caught up on a lot of Netflix. 😂

  16. Stinks about the duplicates man, I’m trying to focus on the complete N64 set myself. Like you though it’s really hard to focus my collecting goals lol.

    1. VGM is pretty good about the duplicates when it’s their mistake. 👌🏼 I do pick up a lot of games so it’s bound to happen. I am pretty far from a complete set for the N64 still. I am only around 90 games. But it’s pretty hard to stay focused. I am like a cat with a laser pointer when it comes to game collecting. 😂

  17. The N64 super off road looks interesting. I might need to add it to my list.
    It stinks when you miss the deadline. What are the chances that you get that game and they send you one as well. Trade bait I guess.
    Take care.

    1. I would recommend Off Road Challenge if your collecting for the 64. It’s a pretty fun racing game and looks pretty good too.
      Yeah it’s bound to happen at times with missing the deadline. Especially if you do both RGT and VGM. They are damned good about making things right if it’s their fault though. Great service.
      Have a great weekend man. 🍻

  18. Love your vids Josh!
    Wow…This service does not value its customers OR can’t get hold of decent stock. I can’t imagine anybody signed up to get these filler titles every month. You’re a trooper
    Love your vids as I said, but do not love this service. You deserve better for the amount of cash you’ve splashed on them. 👍

    1. Thanks dude! These types of services can be up and down from month to month. While February wasn’t the best month, January was a really good month. It’s funny about the filler titles because I am actually alright with a few of them for certain systems. I do aspire to have a complete NES and N64 (if I hit the lottery 😂). But it really depends on the systems. That’s why I dropped SNES. Massive library with a lot of games I don’t want. I definitely appreciate you checking out my videos man. I try to make them as interesting as I can for everyone. 🍻

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