V5 vs TES Highlights ALL GAMES LPL Spring Playoffs Round 4 2022 Victory Five vs Top Esports by Onivi

Hey guys, from now on you will see my face reacting randomly to video stuff so that we can avoid reused content and copyright issues... V5 vs TES Highlights ALL GAMES LPL Spring Playoffs Round 4 2022 Victory Five vs Top Esports by Onivi Full Series/Day playlist: Check out Arcane Bet review on our site Check out our Valorant highlights channel You can find all our highlights on our website onivia.com Thank you for watching our highlights. We are working hard to get them to you within 10 minutes after the games have ended. Last season we started to upload Full day highlights and all game highlights that contain highlights of every game played on the given day. We saw that you liked them, so we will keep them. For 2020 we will be uploading LCS highlights, LEC highlights, LCK highlights, and LPL highlights. In addition, we will upload VCS highlights for the spring season to see how you like those. Whenever you want to watch lol esports highlights be sure to come back to Onivia highlights channel. Like us on Facebook - Follow us on Twitter - Watch Vods on LoLEventVods - Get spoiler-free experience on Permission

41 thoughts on “V5 vs TES Highlights ALL GAMES LPL Spring Playoffs Round 4 2022 Victory Five vs Top Esports by Onivi

  1. Unbelievable!
    Game 1 domination from V5.
    Game 2 maximum effort from TES, but heart breaking losss to V5.
    Game 3 maybe the hardest-earned victory ever for TES.
    Game 4 Tian Prime!
    Game 5 more or less effortless domination from TES.
    Crazy how much this series has shifted.

    1. @Shinji Mirou tes bot is not going to lose to t1. I feel tes bot will win lane. rookie pool is also huge. He is just not Able to take some champ out facing knight.

    2. @AJ1703 They tried target banning Faker with multiple bans or champ pick of 4 or 5, didnt work, other teams did the same to Zeus, didnt work, another on Gumayusi, still didnt work.

      Who’s next on this 2022 roster? All we got left is to test out Oner and Keria’s massive champion pool

      T1 as a whole literally covers most of the ocean of champions at this point

  2. Knight is dominant 3set his akali saved the team from crisis. Rich did a good job but there was difference in mid & jungle.

  3. game 1 we got stomped,game2 we should win but they outplayed in the finals push game 3 The fights that JackeyLove and Knight did are out of this world game 4 FPX Tian reconected and carried hard nad at the last game we stopmed them.
    The series ended 2-3 with Wayward intingall games but JackeyLove and Knight are so good in this game imagine if Wayward had decent series

  4. I’d say the turning point of this series was at Game 3 baron where karsa somehow let graves wayward secure baron… when he had smite up??

    1. It was legit like 600 + 400 crit back to back simultaneously, one of them was graves i don’t even know what the other crit was from. Not his fault it happens.

  5. That long LPL break really,
    But still embarrassing loss to V5.

    What a great momentum for TES now i see them as the Final Boss of LPL hope they win against JDG.

    1. Lol no, tes just won vs v5 because v5 was playing their first bo5 and it will be as fpx vs rng last year. Fpx won 3-0 and then rng in finals won 3-1

    1. Photic is so damn good man, deserves more popularity. I honestly think he’s as good as Gumayusi, only lacking in some more experience. He’s consistent as all hell as well and imo he has the only Aphelios close to Guma’s. Really hyped and looking forward to his future.

    1. @League of Gamer Highlights Not sure why you think losing 2-3 is embarrassing. JKL wasn’t inting, he had two hilariously dumb moments but that’s it. You must’ve not watched the spring split at all if you expected that much more from V5, these top 4 teams are absurdly close.

    2. He even sold Tian to the enemy team. Lmao! V5 is really embarrassing. I expected more from them. Despite JKL inting, they still won the game

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