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Top Eleven 2023 brings an all-new training space for focused skill improvements – Player Academy! Hear all about the Top Eleven Training and the new Player Academy feature in this tutorial video and lead your football club to success in Top Eleven 2023!

[00:00] Intro to Top Eleven Training
[00:20] Top Eleven Training and Player Selection
[00:43] Training Drills and Types
[01:15] Training Analysis
[01:26] Training Bonuses
[01:44] Training Level
[02:01] Intro to Player Academy
[02:19] Player Academy Coaches
[02:48] Player Selection
[03:21] Player Academy Coaches
[03:51] Academy Training Analysis


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  1. Cool update.. But the player academy shud b available to play during the season.. Else there’s no use of him till that period. Especially if he’s one of the key players in team. Its same as youth academy player as the player wont b available for selection during academy period..
    The only benefit this brings will be for players in substitution as We can sub in quality players during a match

  2. Can you improve the training and regeneration a bit more?
    For example. If the player is having a good moral, he trains better and improves faster.
    And can you make the regeneration faster? To 10 or 15 Percent per 3 hours?

  3. Take a look video few times before you start training. Must understand all of new features in Academy training. Није лоше млада дамо,лепо си појаснила све 🙂 Сад само да се навикнемо на нове врсте тренинга 😁

  4. Actually a really good and well balanced feature. I did not expect this! However spending too many rests in order to train players seem kinda redundant/pointless. I mean with 150 Rests I’m preety sure i can train a better 18 yo with higher stats in addition to not losing him for X amount of time or lose out on team training bonus’s

    • @Alex Lawler no, it is not… I do not see this system improving the daily training/mtch playing/2x training. It is obviously a scam for people who do not master the game already. But be my guest and use it….

    • @Jesús Domínguez D. Okay man. I said some of them. Like trading hundreds of spare morale boosters or treatment packs. In my opinion is quite good. Its also a FAR more affordable way to create gem players, rather then spending 40 Tokens plus 35+ Mil on rare 18 Yo super trainers. (Perhaps you dont know about those) ( I’m a F2P player with an Avg squad age of 21.2 I simply dont have the tokens or easy enough matches to train them all to a champions league final quality level)

  5. It’s a good update but you should improve upon the regeneration quality to about 10 or 15(1 rest ). Waiting for for 3 hours just to add 6% is quite difficult for F2P players since you’ll need to buy the packs.
    Finally work an option to chat a manager when you tap on his profile. It’ll really be fun chatting with one another and forming associations that are way stronger and better to work with.

    • Im a f2p player and i have 600 breaks, i just train 1 time per day all my titulars and 5 times a day the others and i have 10% and an excellent preparation every day its simple

  6. É uma ferramenta válida. Cabe a cada manager analisar se vale a pena ou não. Acredito que alguns treinadores valerão!

  7. Love the new training option 👍👌👏👏.just one query.. Would you increase the bonus video’s to boost health and moral in a day. Coz sometimes you have like 3 games in a day. The other question how many videos does someone gets in a day?

  8. I love playing this game as I have come to understand it very well,my problem is I can’t afford to use a card to like to my account can some one help me out

  9. Players being absent from the squad is a BIG L.
    But if you have that player who’s just below your starting 11, then the training academy is good.
    Also, there should be a 3 day cap. 10 days is way too much

  10. It never ceases to amaze me how often Nordeus come up with new ways to empty gamers’ wallets. And this is yet another new feature that is in keeping with the “pay to win” philosophy that is slowly sucking the fun out of what was once a cracking game. If it wasn’t so blatant it would be funny. OK so I get that practically every other mobile game is the same but it still doesn’t make it right.

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