Top Ten Video Games February 2022 – Noisy Pixel

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27 thoughts on “Top Ten Video Games February 2022 – Noisy Pixel

  1. YEEEES thank you for actually highlighting Maglam Lord!! I feel like no one is covering this game, and I’m so hyped for it. It looks just like the old Summon Night GBA spin-offs! Also, great summary video in general.

  2. A pretty great list, Feb and March are stacked! As far as most anticipated Feb games, I would sub out the last two on your video here, and sub in SOL CRESTA & one of the several B-tier jrpg style games coming out (Egglia Rebirth, Rise of the Third Power, Edge of Eternity). Also, what about OlliOlli World? So much to buy, and March will give no respite. The PS5 library in particular is finally starting to get interesting in the next few months…

    1. Im holdimg off on Maglam Lord for my wallets sake, but I cant wait to play both of them eventually. Already have Monark pre-ordered

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