Top Ten Video Games April 2022 – Noisy Pixel

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32 thoughts on “Top Ten Video Games April 2022 – Noisy Pixel

  1. April not the most exciting month after an exhausting March, but there are definitely a few good games coming. You covered several of my favorites in this list (Chrono Cross, HotD, Ganryu 2, Switch Sports), but in my own top 10 I’d also include Rotund Rebound, Pocky & Rocky Re-shrined (JP release, it’s June in the west), Anuchard, Hishou Same Same Same (JP), Tasomachi (console release), and Marco & the Galaxy Dragon (console release). Tranisruby is a nice game, I’ve been enjoying on PC. Also FFXIV patch 6.1 very exciting! I’ll wait for Glover Remastered until it hits consoles…

  2. I’m still playing Elden Ring going into my third character.
    By the time I’m semi-done with it I’ll pick up Triangle Strategy, by then it’ll be like May… I don’t mind being behind.

  3. Spencer acting like Glover 64 wasn’t a highlight in the N64 library.
    I thought Transiruby was released 1 or 2 months ago?
    Chrono Cross breaking Squeenix’s spree of terrible ports/remasters w/ a banger 😤

    1. @Noisy Pixel I’m sure there were some other great indie games that you just missed, right? Right?

      Anyway I still have three decades of backlog to play, why am I still looking for new games…

  4. I thought people were joking about Glover. I hope the devs get enough support to finish Glover 2, that would be fascinating.

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