Top 20 Most Popular Video Games in 2022|Nexus Podcast|
In This Video I Will Show You Top 20 Most Popular Video Games in 2022 ! ----------------------------------------------------- Follow me On Social Media: Facebook:Nexus Podcast Instagram:Nexus-Podcast Quora:Bilal Raza Website:Countries Facts ------------------------------------------------------------------ The video game market is worth over $110 billion. In the last decade, the video game market has seen a drastic increase in the number of players and revenue. Today, more people than ever are playing video games. A few key games even reach the mainstream audience. For the future, game industry analysts predict the 20 most popular games in 2022 and the 20 biggest fights between video games and ps5 exclusive video games of 2022. Music:Live Forever Timelapse: Intro《00:00》 20.Super Smash Bros: For Wii U《00:29》 19 The Elder Scrolls V:Skyrim《01:18》 18 Call of Duty:Black Ops II《01:58》 17 Spider-Man (2018)《02:35》 16 The Legend of Zelda:Breath of the Wild《03:19》 15 Super Mario Odyssey《03:57》 14 Call of Duty:Black Ops IIII《04:43》 13 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive《05:12》 12 PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds《05:50》 11 League of Legends《06:23》 10 Roblox《07:12》 09 Rocket League《08:00》 08 Overwatch《08:42》 07 Red Dead Redemption II《09:22》 06 Super Smash Bros:Ultimate《10:02》 05 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege《10:45》 04 Grand Theft Auto V《11:33》 03 Fortnite《12:20》 02 Minecraft《12:45》 01 Call of Duty:Warzone Modern Warfare《13:13》 _________________________________________ #watchmojo #mojo #list _________________________________________

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