Top 15 Best Upcoming Turn-Based RPGs 2022 2023
Let's take a look at some of the best turn-based RPGs expected during 2022, 2023 on PC. #turnbased #rpg #videogames Top15 Best Turn-Based RPGs TIMESTAMPS 0:00 Intro 0:23 Reverse Collapse 1:19 Monochrome Mobius: Rights and Wrongs Forgotten 2:00 Sea of Stars 3:05 Marvel's Midnight Suns 4:04 Rogue Trader 4:56 ONE PIECE ODYSSEY 5:50 For The King II 6:37 Lost Eidolons 7:29 Spellforce: Conquest Of Eo 8:20 Jagged Alliance 3 9:18 Urban Strife 9:56 Tactics Ogre: Reborn 10:51 Game 3 12:10 Game 2 12:50 Game 1 13:25 Outro ❤️ Join this channel to get access to perks: 🔔 WEBSITE & TWITCH - Website: - Twitch channel:


  1. – Sea of stars look pretty cool.
    – Rogue trader looks cool as well, even though I’m not really into 40k. I also liked the pathfinder games, which imo proved owl cat can make good games. So I hold high hopes for this one.
    – Lost Eidolons looks amazing. Looks like a must buy.
    – I played all Spellforce games, so I’ll probably be getting this new 4x game as well. It’s also being developed by the makers of fantasy general II, which, while not amazing, was pretty good. So this could become a good game.
    – tactics ogre. A big ‘maybe’ for me. If it’s just a remake, I probably won’t get it. The only ogre series remake I’m willing to spend money on, is ogre battle. If they do add a decent amount of new content though, I’ll probably get this.
    – broken road — maybe. I’ll have to look into it more.
    – Eiyuden Chronicle — looks pretty good.

    Rest isn’t for me. Still quite a few games to look forward to though.

    1. I am quietly optimistic about about Rogue Trader. I appreciated the Pathfinder PC games even though I really dislike the Pathfinder system, but the story and adaptation of the ruleset to a video game was impressive.

    2. Even if you’re not 40k mad (I’m not), the recent DAEMONHUNTERS is absolutely SUPERB. I’d say best turn based combat game ever – yes – even better than XCOM 2 in my humble opinion.

    1. @anab0lic Just started playing Phoenix Point a few days ago, it’s still a bit rough. Hopefully modders will enhance it.

    2. @Dani McFly yeah a little rough around the edges but the combat has a lot more tactical depth to it than xcom. I honestly was bored by xcoms simplicity.. you just don’t have that many choices of what you can do turn to turn. I had more to think about, more interesting combat decisions … in a game like Mario and rabbids. Which is actually kinda underrated as far as tactical games go.

    3. @anab0lic I just got into Turn Based Tactical games, tried Phantom Doctrine, XCOM2 WOTC and Phoenix Point, I wish that PP had the same amount of Mods as XCOM. I agree that you have to think more and plan out your moves better in PP than in XCOM2, Pandorans and Soldiers can be brutal 😅

  2. whoahh..
    – Sea of Stars is promising,.. but why 3 characters only😂
    – Tactic Ogre ! a legend from my childhood is come back 😋
    – Eiyuden ! a Suikoden II with new era 😎

  3. I’m glad that you cover these games, especially since Steams recommendation system is flaming garbage I have to scour the net to see games I’m interested in.

  4. Jagged Aliance 3?
    Im waiting for a worthy JA game since 2002. Please be good. Please be good. *Please Be Good.*

  5. Allot of games on this list I definitely want. Monochrome Mobius, Sea of Stars, jagged alliance, Midnight Suns and Tactics Ogre are amoung my favorites on this list. I hope they all release on consoles

  6. What a great selection of games we have coming down the pipe. The only disappointment (for me) is Marvel’s Midnight Suns being a card battler hybrid.

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