Top 14 New Games in Unreal Engine 5 & Unity coming out in 2024

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    Take a look at 14 new exciting upcoming games running on UNREAL ENGINE 5 and UNITY that will be absolutely crazy including an all-out war medieval shooter, a GTA-inspired police shooter, an horror extraction project and much more.

    00:00 Intro
    00:06 KINGMAKERS
    01:20 Precinct (GTA-inspired) Thumbnail
    03:42 Macabre
    05:53 Delta Force
    08:00 The Last Sentinel
    09:42 The Forever Winter
    12:12 Kingdom Come Deliverance 2 (CRYEngine)
    15:40 SAND
    16:54 Level Zero Extraction
    18:14 Second Loop
    19:40 Supernatural
    20:46 Trench Tales
    22:42 PIONER
    26:21 Enenra

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      • Whatever it’s using I’m getting it and losing myself in it, I got 80 hours into the original and still felt like I had so much to do but took a break to play other stuff and by the time I got back to playing it I had forgot how to play it.

    1. It’s that time of the year! 🔥 Many new games are being revealed and WAY MORE to come with the summer events! Take a look and LIKE the video for more compilation of new games! 😄

    2. lol… Delta Force is NOT a Game inspired by Call of duty or battlefield. The first Delta Force Game came in 1998, 5 years earlier than COD

      • lol I was gonna let that slide since og delta force is mad old. But to be fair. They deff codified and battlefieldified this new one.

      • this delta force is made from the cod engine, the devs are the same ones that worked on cod mobile, in fact a lot of animations and assets are reused from recent cods.
        having played the OG novalogic delta force games it rubs me the wrong way, but if the campaign is good and not “codified”, then i’ll let it slide, but just the campaign

    3. Can’t wait to see what games will be like when these developers start integration of A.I into these games! Maybe on the fly levels or way more intelligent NPCs! I think this is gonna totally change the way games are made and played!!

    4. The first game should also think about resources I mean you would need oilwells and raffineries and ammunition factory’s etc

    5. The Best indicator that a game will be bad, is if the developer can’t make a decent trailer. Delta Force is that!

    6. And to think all the work they did on Kingmaker could have been used to create a new awesome Medieval Total War 3.

    7. I already can see forward 5 years from today; given that humanity still exists, real world will be so unrelatable to that future life that a market stroll simulation will seem like a legendary medieval experience…

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