Top 12 Upcoming SCP Games of 2022 (MEGA Update Video)

2022 has a lot of major upcoming scp games planned for PC and VR. In this video, we take a look at my top 12 most anticipated SCP games for the year and what they've been getting up to during their development. All relevant links for each game can be found below ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 👍 Explore the SCP Foundation with me, subscribe! 💬 Join the StumiVR discord server: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapters: 0:00 Opening 0:35 SCP: Labrat (Out of early access?) Release: N/A (Multiplayer Beta) Website: FREE Download: 1:55 SCP: Nine Tailed Fox Release: Feb 2, 2022 Website: FREE Download: 3:23 SCP: Pandemic Release: Feb 22/Mar 14, 2022 Website: Wishlist: 4:39 SCP: Ground Zero Release: N/A (Public demo/Full release this year?) Discord: Nukalypse Download: 6:15 SCP: Secret Files Release: Early 2022 (April-June) Discord: Wishlist: 7:22 SCP: Missing In Action Release: N/A (Development Announcement) Website: Instagram: @scpmissinginaction 11:24 SCP: Blackout (Out of Early Access?) Release: N/A (Development Update) Website: Download: 13:25 SCP: Forgotten Facillity Release: N/A (Delayed from 2021) Twitter: Download: 14:42 SCP: Observer Release: N/A (Awaiting release date trailer) YouTube: Wishlist: 15:44 The Store Is Closed Release: N/A (Currently In Alpha) Access to Alpha (Paid): Wishlist: 17:50 SCP: Recontainment Release: N/A (Development Update) Website: Wishlist: 19:45 SCP: Fragmented Minds Demo Release: Mar 12, 2022 Website: Wishlist: 21:46 Outro ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 🎵 Ending: Transitions, Effects and Music courtesy of Motion Array #scp #scpfoundation

35 thoughts on “Top 12 Upcoming SCP Games of 2022 (MEGA Update Video)

  1. Fragmented Minds and Recontainment seems pretty cool, to be honest. I’m looking forward for these games to come out!
    The look on my face when I heard there were new SCP games coming out though. I’m a very big fan of the SCP fandom, honestly.

  2. I really love that all the name of these games are “SCP :” and then some words, it make it feels that all those game are linked, I love it

  3. Thank you for the video Stumi, I love the SCP universe so much, I can’t wait to play this games !
    There’s also SCP : Keter that is coming in 2022 on Steam, and it looks amazing, I hope you’ll talk about it.

    1. @Youtube Guy it was probably at the early but medium because later all the other groups of interest disbanded or destroyed

  4. Can’t believe you left out SCP: Sigil! It’s being developed by some of the devs from SCP Unity and the trailer looks very promising!

  5. I would absolutly love to see stumi playing most of these games. I also love all the other videos mostly the scp related ones.

  6. Fun Fact: SCP NTF game is actually made by the same people who made the popular mod, “SCP Nine Tailed Fox mod” for SCP CV

  7. I cant wait for more scp games, it would be awesome if we had a movie or a show aswell, im sure it would do really well.

  8. 8:44 wouldn’t it make more sense if they were the chaos insurgency? the global occult coalition only spares the really really safe scps/ parathreats, like 0 suggestion of threat level of safe. Other wise, is it kill on site for all other scps/ parathreats. The chaos insurgency is the group that actually keeps the scps not really caring if said scp is dangerous or not. So this doesn’t really make sense. Btw, where can i mention this to the devs, it is just a better touch of detail if it was the chaos insurgency instead of global occult coalition. also, i’m sure reskinning the goc into chaos insurgents shouldn’t be that hard. The voicelines, if they have them, will be the hard part since they will probably have to pay the va-s twice if the voice acting has already been recorded. Also, one last thing i just noticed when watching this part of the video again, the global occult coalition does not raid scp foundations. Only the chaos insurgency and serpents’ hand does that.
    edit: i think the serpents’ hand would be a better candidate for the “unlikable allies” that the scp foundation agents work with. Since the serpents’ hand are actually a bit sane compared to the chaos insurgency (the chaos insurgency are mind controlled by this anomalous object called “the engine”). And they would rather die than actually work with the scp foundation.

  9. SCP: labrat Is my favorite one, it was made just like the original game but in vr. I enjoy playing it in multi-player and it is very terrifying.

  10. Wow I’m glad I found this video, assuming these aren’t abandoned and go well it seems like we’re going to get a ton of amazing looking scp games to further expand the exposure and build upon the lore, CB is amazing but is a bit outdated by now. I’m really excited to see at least TWO games with the wendigo scp
    It’s nice and refreshing to see some more games that wont just be escaping a facility, and instead stuff like capturing scp’s would be amazing games

  11. SCP: Recontainment really looks like plenty of fun to play. The objective of terminating or containing scps really is an original idea for the SCP community so I really look foward to it.

  12. Wow, Fragmented Mind looks like it’s heavily inspired by Prey/System Shock 2. I am ALL for that game. Definitely hoping for good things with this project.

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