Top 10 video games of 2022| Most anticipated games 2022.

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    The top 10 most rated video games of the year 2022 are shown in this short edited video along with all the available info such as release date, genre, platforms, developer or creator and so on.

    Note: some of this video games have not been released as at the time I uploaded this video, but all of them are set to be r
    eleased this year to the public.

    10.Suicide squad: kill the justice league.

    9.Lego star wars: the skywalker saga.

    8.The legend of zelda: breath of the wild 2.


    6.God of war ragnarok.

    5.Rainbow six extraction.

    4.Dying light 2.

    3.Pokemon legends: arceus.

    2.Elden ring.

    1.Horizon forbidden west.

    Video editor : Inshot.

    Soundtrack : Over you by Atch.


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