Top 10 ROBLOX Summer 2022 Games You NEED To Play!
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    1. Bro Titan Warfare did add a feature where u can accidentally blow yourself up with Thunder spears, since release so AOT Evo is not the first one to do it

    2. @Jojo Bizarre Livingstone ​ @Jojo Bizarre Livingstone aot warfare is the only aot game with more than 10 minutes of work that’s even out right now so that’s not really fair lol

    3. Sorry bro but I still think titan warfare is the best attack on titan game CURRENTLY. I still think there can be more interesting stuff added but compared to other aot games just mindlessly killing titans isn’t the main thing people do

  1. I’m so hyped for arcane odyssey cause of the nostalgia of world of magic, only the ogs remember running around in that game and finding a dude destroying the town keep up the great vids

    1. @Somebodeh toucha mah spogghett I never even got to play online fighting ironically enough I always glossed over the game every time I saw it on my recommended page although I did play Fairy Tail online fighting

  2. im curious to see how unexpected it will be when exoria release, the game changed so much that i think most youtubers won’t even think its the same game

    1. I don’t think it’s getting a revamp I’m pretty sure the other game was just a test for the real one that’s coming out

  3. I love how he makes all videos, I love to watch them and I can’t wait for future videos y5yi

  4. Excited for these games, roblox getting a bit dry so im excited for these, since i cant get excited about anything else…xd

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