Top 10 NEW War Games of 2022
Games featuring warfare are never in short supply. Check out these new war games for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S/One, and beyond. Subscribe for more: 0:00 Intro 0:16 Isonzo 1:11 Warno 2:02 Dune: Spice Wars 3:03 Men of War II 3:49 Sniper Elite 5 4:40 Medic: Pacific War 5:21 Company of Heroes 3 6:14 Expedition Rome 7:06 Ratten Reich 8:06 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 9:22 BONUS Isonzo Platform : PC PS4 PS5 Xbox One XSX|S Release Date : TBA 2022 Warno Platform : PC Release Date : January 20, 2022 Dune: Spice Wars Platform : PC Release Date : April 26, 2022 Men of War II Platform : PC Release Date : 2022 Sniper Elite 5 Platform : PC PS4 PS5 Xbox One XSX|S Release Date : May 26, 2022 Medic: Pacific War Platform : PC Release Date : 2022 Company of Heroes 3 Platform : PC Release Date : 2022 Expedition Rome Platform : PC Release Date : January 20, 2022 Ratten Reich Platform : PC Release Date : Sep 2022 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Platform : PC PS4 Xbox One PS5 XSX|S Release Date : October 28, 2022 BONUS Warhammer 40,000: Darktide Platform : PC XSX|S Release Date : September 13, 2022 War Hospital Platform : PC PS5 XSX|S Release Date : Q4 2022 Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Platform : PC PS4 PS5 XSX|S Xbox One Switch Release Date : April 5, 2022 Regiments Platform : PC Release Date : 2022 Starship Troopers – Terran Command Platform : pc Release Date : June 16, 2022 Diplomacy Is Not An Option Platform : PC Release Date : February 9, 2022


    1. @Zachary Kine should be bigger than IGN tho! This channel has been quality for a long time! Deserves much more subs

  1. I probably get more hyped watching the videos of the games on this channel than I do of the actual games! By the time the games come out I am already in *MEH* territory.

    1. This on top of the game is expected but then gets canceled or never gear of it again and it sucks on release

    2. I’m so guilty of getting super hyped watching videos like this just to end up kind of bored and let down when I actually play them.

  2. Honestly my absolute favourite war game at the moment is hell let loose, such a brutal game! Absolutely love it!

    1. @John Goldsworthy well it definitely does take a while to get used to there’s no disputing that.

    2. @Rhinosaurfish play squad lead and talk to your squad and it’ll be a good time. HLL always depends on your SL to have fun.

    3. I have about 200 hours in Hell Let Loose, and it’s taken about that long to learn to play it properly so it’s not just a walk and die simulator. Definitely one of the toughest games I have ever learned to play.

  3. I’ve watched you guys consistently for the past 4 years and yet youtube stopped showing your vids in my recommended & channel tab for the past month. Got a lot of catching up to do!

    1. Same issue here. Their videos are never in the main page. I have to click the channel from the subscriptions list.

  4. Isonzo is River in Slovenia and Italy where Isonzo Front was. It was split in 12 battles over three year period and it ended up with Decisive Austro-Hungarian victory. With about 650.000 casualties on Italian side and about 450,000 on Austro-Hungarian it is known to be one of the bloodiest battles of ww1.

    1. @Quin Vos a battle is not the same as a war like the battle of Gallipoli was a victory for the central powers but the central powers didn’t overall prevail

  5. As a retired Combat Medic, I can’t wait to see how that game turns out and how they portray us on the battlefield.

  6. 03:04
    As soon as I saw a Men of War title I was like “yeah, time to repeat the entire series”.
    I pray for a single player campaign.
    Also Rattenreich looks promising.


  7. I wish we could get a Civil or Revolutionary War game. I know with how primitive gun technology was back then it might be difficult to make it engaging but I’d still like to see those eras of war explored more in gaming.

    1. That’s exactly what every COD and battlefield game is missing.. realism.
      The time it actually takes to reload a weapon, when being pinned by enemy fire, or full of adrenaline. Field tactics and strategy..
      However, these games seem to be entirely catered to multi-player servers, where people clot the most filled ones

    2. I’ve always thought a cool way to do it would have active reload style with really good animations for muzzleloaders. So if you just let the animation roll you’d get the 2-shot a minute rate, or if you nailed the active reload windows could get out 3 shots a minute lol. Aside from that the key would be to have a good melee system. Advanced bayonet fighting, saber fighting etc.

  8. That medic game looks cool. It’s one thing to run around shooting things. It’s a whole other level of skill set to run around saving who you can.


  9. Just take me back to the days where Battlefield 1 was in the mix of popular games. In my opinion one of the most intense war games I’ve ever played.

    1. izosona gonna be like bf1 without all the automatic weapons that were never used. Gonna be a breath of fresh air.

    2. @Filthy Casual yeah… that’s part of what I mean.
      Experimental weapons and equipment.. very scarcely used. Reload, switch of weapons. One man operating a 9 man crew job in tank.
      Most of all unbelievably accurate weapons.
      But then again it’s a jump-in-‘n-shoot game, and not a simulator, so can’t expect the world… still a good game, however greedy EA is to make money of it (especially with all those micro transactions on ridiculous things)

  10. I really like the idea of the medic game. I may be biased having had my EMT certification and EMTs and nurses in my family. That side of things deserves to be seen though. I hope they can do it well.

  11. No list of this type would be complete without “Foxhole”. Huge persistent war with very large player base (even in early access). Great comms and community. Check it out if you haven’t yet.

  12. we need a better world war 2 game like the medal of honor series. a game that makes you feel like a soldier in ww2 from start to finish. you know cool missions, different locations of ww2 and actually feeling the loss of close comrades….that kind of game.

  13. I really love single player games it’s just too bad that almost all of the war games today focus completely on multiplayer with single player being just a training mission or they are multiplayer only with no single player.

    1. Company of heroes 3 still mainly focuses on single player campaign. Available for pre-order now on Steam.

  14. I love gameranx. I’ve been watching since the very beginning. but the fact that they’re still putting cod and battlefield in number one spots for anything other than most disappointing game of the year is staring to make me question them. please don’t become sellouts like IGN!

    1. I know what you mean their campaign are usually brain dead, and dont make much sense on a plot level. But i somewhat agree putting it there. The graphics and atmosphere is something the Call of duty series has been on the top for many years. And if you look at it really looks fucking good.
      The problem is most call of duty have like 1 or 2 really amazing levels and the rest is more than questionable.

  15. “A million WW1 and 2 games” with about 99 percent of that generalisation being WW2, I do think that needs addressing. The two wars are not the same in any sense and we have barely seen any WW1 games apart from the WW1 series and BF1. There’s one or two more you can nitpick but overall the period needs and deserves more recognition than being lumped in with WW2.

    1. I agree, but thinking about it it seem like all the hyp about world war 1 coming from its anniversary on 2018 and the historic analyze about it in different medias like the great war channel,etc.
      Only now is getting its golden era of World war 1 games, though now it will saturate somewhat.
      After all we had different shooters jumping on that train battlefield 1, verdun, etc. still realizing as we see in this video. Than other games that like iron harvest Rts using it etc.
      And than some Rpg like vampyr using the setting around it, etc.
      And than a docent minigames using it aswell. like trenches,etc.
      So he is somewhat right about it

  16. Really hope all these games come out this year! Super hyped for Company of heroes 3 but its a lot of work yet to do, especially in polishing up the entire game.
    Men of war i think will come out next year becouse the devs team îs in ukraine and situation there its not that good.

  17. Just wanted to say isonzo is the italian word for the soča river which is located in slovenia and the bridge that is destroyed in the video looks a lot like the solkan bridge so i’m very hyped for this one…✌️😄

  18. Just a heads up to anyone who thought Isonzo sounded interesting. The 2nd game in the series Tannenberg, which focuses on the Eastern Front of WW1, is free to claim until the 28th on the Epic Games Store.

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