Top 10 NEW Survival Games of 2022
Looking for a survival game on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S/One, or Switch? We've got you covered with these survival games for 2022. Subscribe for more: 0:00 Intro 0:14 V Rising 1:10 Little Devil Inside 2:12 ROOTED & DERELICTS 3:24 Nightingale 4:29 Dead Matter 5:26 Occupy Mars: The Game 6:18 Night is Coming 7:15 Frostpunk 2 8:33 Sons of The Forest 9:37 RAFT #10. V Rising Platform : PC Release Date : May 17 2022 #9. Little Devil Inside Platform : PC Switch PS4 PS5 Xbox One Release Date : Q4 2022 #8. ROOTED PC TBA 2022 Derelicts PC TBA 2022 #7. Nightingale Platform : PC Release Date : TBA 2022 #6. Dead Matter Platform : PC Release Date : TBA #5. Occupy Mars: The Game Platform : PC Release Date : 2022 #4. Night is Coming Platform : PC Release Date : TBA 2022 #3. Frostpunk 2 Platform : PC Release Date : TBA #2. Sons of the Forest Platform : PC Release Date : October 2022 #1. Raft Platform : PC Release Date : June 20, 2022


  1. Little Devil inside is so visually appealing! Great video as always telling me about games I’d otherwise never have heard of

  2. I’m excited for Sons of the Forest. As much as I loved the first game and how much time I’ve spent in it, I’m excited for a new game to sink my teeth into.

    1. @darren thompson I’m not sure. I think the original eventually made it to the PS4 but not on Xbox so if it does it may follow that same pattern.

    2. @Joshua Hayes yeah I put so many hours into it on PlayStation but if it doesn’t come to console I’ll buy on pc for sure first one is a hidden gem of a game

    3. @darren thompson Everyone and their dog has heard of the forest. Definitely a gem, definitely not hidden.

  3. I was part of the beta for V Rising and oh my goodness it is such a great game if you’re looking for a Diablo/Path of Exile style gameplay with a twist. I highly recommend it!

    1. Is it fun solo though? Everyone who loves it played with friends. That’s why I also never played Valheim.

    2. @A Creative Name I mainly played solo, and enjoyed the time I spent with it. It makes it more challenging to be sure, but still fun!

    3. The game is great, but I’ve played to the endgame, which is PvP focused, and there are significant issues that need addressed.

      The late game bosses are extremely hard to beat solo, and require a lot of luck since many travel on paths that are littered with enemies.

      I had a castle with 9 fully geared servants and someone ripped through my base while I was offline like it was nothing. All my servants died and everything taken. I had weeks worth of loot stored. The Vampire box has very limited space. Doesn’t matter how many servants you have or if you’ve honey combed your entire castle. If you’re offline and someone wants to raid your castle and take everything, it will happen. Fully geared servants won’t help. There’s nothing you can do about it. Castle defense needs some serious attention from the devs.

    4. @Wyatt Mullen They really need to add base defenses. Anything, really. Wandering servants aren’t cutting it.

      Some suggestions of mine that would make sense in a vampire game:
      – Gargoyle statues that emit flame when in close proximity
      – Gargoyle statues that come to life and attack enemies
      – Not being able to see inside a castle from the outside
      – Mirror illusions
      – Traps such as false floors with spikes

      So many possibilities here.

  4. Props to you guys for including timestamps consistently in all recent videos. Much appreciated it’s really helpful.

    1. Absolutely. As a console player, I can’t be sitting here looking longingly at pc games I’ll never get to play. It’s too depressing. 😭

  5. I found the forest this year and fell in love with the story and gameplay other than the inventory system and no reticle it was the perfect survival game

    1. I just hope they eventually release it on console I know they probably won’t but I really hope they do lol

    2. The gameplay was great but I found the story to be pretty atrocious. My party and I were pretty let down by the conclusion.

  6. I cannot wait until Sons of the Forest release. I love The Forest , put 100’s of hours into it. Great solo game and hilarious coop game. Sons of the Forest looks beautiful & absolutely terrifying. Cant wait to get lost in a cave with minimal light with mutants , cannibals & even sharks while I search for a better axe.

  7. Raft has been around for years, but only just recently left “Early Access”. It’s fun, but be wary of motion sickness, if you are prone to such things. I think you can lessen the effects by tweaking the settings some.

  8. Survival is probably the most enjoyable new game genre that’s come about recently (relatively) for me.
    Nightingale and sons of the forest are the ones on this list I’m actually excited for
    Hadn’t heard of night is coming, that looks cool too but I’d have to see more of it. The trailer gave me tribes of Midgard vibes, which was ok but not enough there to engage me for long solo

  9. I just discovered The Eternal Cylinder and it was a really cool game with some minor survival elements I would definitely recommend it

  10. Raft is pretty great. I’ve been playing it throughout early access and the final release didn’t disappoint me. I had about 300 hours pre-release and have put in another 50 since.

  11. Nightingale really feels like a Bioshock/Skyrim blend. It looks well-done and nostalgic to Bethesda’s FPRPG playstyle

  12. Been loving this channel ever since I found it. Ya’ll first exposed me to V Rising which is now my favorite game of 2022 (yes over Elden Ring). Also side note, keep Friends Per Second going strong! Loving the podcast so far!

  13. With Nightingale what I think would be really cool if it incorporates the other realms in a way so that as you progress through the tech tree you move into different worlds and have to learn how to survive all over again with different rules, and as you progress and accumulate different advanced technology you get to the “last bastion” are as the end game area. Its like the first area: very scenic and tranquil looking but theres much harder creatures or some last great battle you need to prepare for, encouraging you to build a base worthy of the Last Bastion title, using all the fantastical technology and magic they’ve discovered along the way

  14. Nightingale looks absolutely fantastic imo. If Frostpunk was 1st or even 3rd person I’d play it all day and night long. I was so sad to know it was a top down city builder because the trailers are amazing.
    I can recommend Raft to anyone who hasn’t played it. It’s great.

  15. The setting of Nightingale actually reminds me a lot of Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura.

  16. The Forest was absolutely brilliant, must’ve put hundreds of hours into it playing on hardcore survival mode, can’t wait for Sons of the Forest

  17. I’m kinda surprised that Rimworld: Console Edition wasn’t on the list or at least an honorable mention seeing as it just officially dropped on console today. It’s a little bit of a broader survival game and more of a colony simulator but it has a lot of in-depth survival mechanics you have to take into account if you want your colonists to survive and build a functional and thriving colony. Played it on and off for PC over the past year or two and was surprised when I learned the other day it was coming to console. It’s a really addictive game where sometimes losing can be just as fun as winning.

  18. Thank you for featuring Derelicts in this top, gameranx! That’s awesome to see my game mentioned up there with all these great ones! 🙂
    Have a great week!

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