Top 10 KILLER Dinosaur Games For 2023 And Beyond

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New dinosaur games are always coming out and with Jurassic Park Operations on the way I made a list of 10 Dino video games that I think fans will love the most. These include titles like The Lost Wild, Instinction, Compound Fracture and Primal Dominion! Hopefully newer official titles come out soon but for now here is what I think will be the most fun with Raptors, a T.rex and even more!

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  1. Great work Klayton and I pretty much agree with this new dinosaur media in 2023 and Beyond.
    Great Analysis Klayton Fioriti and as always, Take It Easy.

  2. Even though I do enjoy the Jurassic World Evolution games, I’m thankful we’re finally getting dinosaur survival games rather than park building games.

    By the way, Instinction and The Lost Wild are the games I’m most anticipating!!

  3. Fantastic games, especially Lost Wilds – looks like the remake of Trespasser we never got. Speaking of Jurassic fan games, I wondered if there ever were a possibility of a fan-driven remake of Trespasser using the original audio assets from Richard Attenborough, as well as some new story elements and possibly characters telling the story of Sorna as the factory floor of InGen.

  4. Man alien isolation meets jurassic would be one heck of a combo. I mean imagine if you took the premise of telltales JP and made it into that kind of game, apart of me though would love a coop version of that. Keep up the great videos bro!

  5. The ones I’m most interested and even excited for, on this list, are Lost Wild, Instinction, Deathgrounds, and Primal Dominion.

    Dinos Reborn premise kinda sounds a little like the premise for the CARNIVORES games on the surface – dinosaurs discovered on an alien planet, but with Jurassic-inspired aesthetics.

  6. Klayton, I remember you doing a gameplay of Jurassic Park rampage. That being said I have two suggestions for you… First off a top-10 Jurassic Park games that you have played. And secondly, to keep up with new content what do you think about doing more dinosaur game playthroughs for your channel as well?

    • I’d love to but I need to find a good way to record. I have a different setup now and am trying to get some Dinosaur gaming done eventually haha

    • @Klayton Fioriti If you are recording from your computer, I use a program called “Action!”. It is actually from TheGamingBeaver where I discovered this screen capture program. Definitely give this a try! I am not entirely sure with recordings from consoles.

  7. I really hope that someone ends up making a horror game based on the JP novels because that would probably be one of the scariest games of all time.

    • I mean the Jurassic world games we have now is like Lego Jurassic World Jurassic World the game Jurassic World Park Builder Jurassic world Evolution Jurassic world Evolution to Jurassic world aftermath and Jurassic world alive and some other stuff from back then but you do have a point we could use some new scary dino games from the j.p. novels

    • I’m actually make a game on the game “Dreams” on PS4 exactly like this. I’m currently making the compy attacks the girl

  8. The Lost Wild is my most anticipated game out of these. As a big fan of the horror aspects of The Lost World and the novels in general, I’m really excited we’re finally getting something closer to those!

  9. ALL of these have my attention (😁), but “Compound Fracture” in particular grabbed my attention especially with its PS1-style graphic look straight out of “Dino Crisis (👍).”

  10. Certainly going to be an interesting year! Especially excited for the first 2. That’s what I think we are missing from JP games.

    While there aren’t many official JP games like Far Cry or Alien Isolation, I was surprised with Jurassic World Aftermath. The graphics could have been scarier and chp 1 was a bit repetitive, but VR graphics are limited and the lore the series added with Dr. Malcolm and the Indoraptor were pretty awesome imo.

  11. Klayton’s old intro hits different. Man it’s got to hear that again.

    I’m most excited for Deathground, The Lost Wild, and Second Extinction (even though you didn’t cover it). Instinction looks pretty cool too.

  12. I’m mainly a console guy so a lot of these amazing looking games have me excited but sad at the same time since I’ll miss out. Between all the games coming and 65 it’s a good time to be a dinosaur fan. Once Dominion’s slogan “The Epic Conclusion of the Jurassic Era” came out it’s like everyone is taking advantage of the JP entertainment lull and making the dino content they’ve been trying to for years. About time we get some franchise diversity 🙂

  13. Definitely The Lost Wild! Not only do the animals look good/accurate & act like actual animals, but they seem to be the kinds of animals that would’ve actually lived together IRL, making it feel like you’re in an actual ecosystem😀

  14. The ones I look the most forward to are Fractured Compound and The Lost Wild. I didn’t knew about Dino Trauma, thanks for the information it definitely has a retro vibe to it wich indeed reminds me of playing my first FPS ever, Turok on N64.

  15. Games Included:
    0:34 – Jurassic Park Operations
    0:55 – Dino Trauma
    1:32 – The Lost Wild
    2:44 – Deathground
    3:31 – Compound Fracture
    5:00 – Project Ferocious
    6:20 – Ark 2
    6:48 – Goner
    8:12 – Dinos Reborn
    9:26 – Primal Dominion
    10:19 – Instinction

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