Top 10 Best Pokemon Video Games

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The Pokémon franchise has been around since it first debuted in Japan in 1996 and has released numerous main series games, remakes and spin-offs–but which of those Pokémon games is the very best, like no game ever was? IGN's resident Pokémaniacs got together and ranked the Top 10 best Pokémon video games. Newer games such as Pokémon Legends: Arceus and New Pokémon Snap enter the discussion alongside classics like Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, Pokémon Colosseum, Pokémon Emerald and more. With so many Pokémon games in the debate and various factors to consider, it was a tough whittling our list down to just the ten best Pokémon games. Check out our picks on the top Pokémon video games and let us know which ones you would choose in the comments.



  1. The original silver and gold were the perfect sequel, especially if you played gen 1 as it was new and experienced gen 2 right after. They added so much stuff that literally just made it that much better. It’s pokemons terminator 2.

  2. Glad to see HG/SS at #1. There’s really no better Pokemon game out there…16 badges…facing off against “yourself” aka Red from the previous game..

    Doesn’t get better than that

  3. Gale of Darkness should have been up here and Arceus could definitely be top 5 worthy when so many Poketubers have stated that it is maybe the best game in the series.

  4. I’m surprised by many games listed here but what surprised me THE MOST was that none of the PMD games made it on the list. They’re truly MASTERPIECES

  5. Pokemon Silver was the best. You get the first region. Then when you beat that, you get to do the original region. You can even go find Trainer Red and essentially battle yourself from Pokemon Red. Great game. Would love a Switch remake release

    • @Ved Aryan HGSS isn’t meant to be a speed run though, that’s why red is so overlevelled, it’s meant to be a grind to beat him, just rematch the elite 4 till you level up

    • @Revan Minnam this. The balancing is horrible in those games. Gen 3 is so much better and gen 4 while slow at start has much better ost and Pokemon designs and balancing is much better.

      There’s a reason why no generation since has a extra region. Balancing around a new region can be really hard.

  6. It’s emerald no question the depth introduced with Evs and ivs plus the difficulty of battle frontier, pure perfection.

  7. Soul Silver and Emerald will always be my favorites, prob the best pokemon experiences I’ve had. Arceus has been really a lot of fun, so hoping for nothing buta great next game.

  8. I’m glad Gold/Silver/Crystal and HG/SS are still considered the best Pokémon games and the list even came from IGN!! So there is no question here. Hands down to the greatest Pokémon games of all time. 💯

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