Top 10 Apple Arcade Games with the best graphics [4K Video]

Some Apple Arcade games push your device to their max gaming potential. Let’s take a look at some of them! More Apple Arcade videos: Join the Apple Gaming Community on Discord: Support our work on Patreon: 1 - The Pathless: 2 - Beyond a Steel Sky: 3 - Samurai Jack: 4 - Oceanhorn 2: 5 - The Bradwell Conspiracy: 6 - Hot Lava: 7 - Spyder: 8 - Ultimate Rivals: The Rink: 9 - ShockRods: 10 - Beyond Blue: BONUS: Sayonara Wild Hearts: Redout: Space Assault: Towers of Everland: Little Orpheus: Alba: A Wildlife Adventure: South of the Circle: The Last Campfire:

38 thoughts on “Top 10 Apple Arcade Games with the best graphics [4K Video]

  1. Can you make a video on the best zen / peaceful games to play? My favourite so far has been Grand mountain adventure.

    Lego brawls is also addictive and a great multiplayer option, especially with family and friends

    Finally X-Plane is such a great flight simulator!

  2. This is hands down the best list of apple games! Others will have 1 or 2 good games! This have pathless, samurai jack, spyder, ocean horn 2, little Orpheus, etc.

    2 od the console released games are here free in the arcade! Thanks 😊👍

    1. I love this comment I’m going to imagine I’m at hogwarts and snaps is giving me a 1:1 session using our mobile phones

  3. Bro the video is amazing but tho I believe that the last campfire is one of the top 10 as its one of the best in graphics along with the smoothness.


    Beyond blue – 0:22
    ShockRods – 1:27
    Ultimate Rivals: The Rink – 2:23
    Spyder – 3:13
    Hot Lava – 4:19
    The Bradwell Conspiracy – 5:45
    Oceanhorn 2 – 6:35
    Samurai Jack – 7:23
    Beyond a Steel Sky – 8:14
    The Pathless – 9:22

    *Bonus* – 10:35

  5. I wish Apple will make from Arcade a competitor to Nintendo Switch with more AAA games…. Switch has awful screen and chip is so outdated but games are perfect.

  6. Just received 6 free months from Target cartwheel and 3 months free for my new iPad purchase. They stacked so I’m good till April of next year. Curious to see how these games look on my iPad Pro 12’9 2021 model.

    1. @MrMacRight thanks, in a next video you coul talk about what games support 4K in Apple TV? I couldn’t find any information about that, Or with an Apple TV and an iPhone using airplay maybe, I have iPads pro and air but the ones with the model of 2017 that need a lightning to hdmi that doesn’t support 4K as far I know.

    2. Apple TV 4K is more a 4K steaming device. it’s hardware is not ideal for 4K gaming. Some games do support 4K resolution on it, but most don’t.
      This video was recorded on a 5K iMac at 4K.

  7. Little surprised at some of the stuff you had in there while Little Orpheus and Last Campfire only make the runners up. I’m mostly playing on my iPad Air 4 though, so maybe that makes a difference? I don’t imagine my 2015 MBP is going to get the Mac performance you describe.

    Also, what is ‘just an indie game’ supposed to mean.

    1. @MrMacRight Is there anything on Apple Arcade you’d class as triple-A? I hadn’t realised that was something anyone was expecting from The Pathless. That’s speaking as someone who loved Abzu.

    2. It’s just my personal list.
      “Just an indie game” was not an insult (if that is what you were thinking). I primarily play indie games. It was meaning it’s not a triple aaa game, as many people originally thought it was going to be… independent adventure.
      None of these games are terribly demanding apart from The Pathless.

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