The Gaming Laptop of the Year… and an EPIC Mistake
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    1. will be all the envy for broke gamers ooh shiny! hey it only cost $500 other guy: turn it on!! owner: what do i look like stupid!? oh wait the working model might break also!

    2. @theordinarycode apparently not obvious enough as some people think it was sent to linus like that because he drops things…

  1. A gaming tablet is a great idea, it lets you use an external keyboard and mouse and then that can just act as the monitor!!!

    1. I like the idea of a 15-17” gaming laptop for travel but then you can hook up a more powerful processor or graphics card externally.

    2. ​@MozkoŽrout Personally, I’m looking forward to it as a student. I need a performing PC because I use some demanding software for 3D models or for some virtual machines(PCs in my PC). Yes, there are probably lots of cheaper options. However, for taking notes… I have a surface pro and it is really practical! My surface is starting to fall off in terms of performance and this is why I’m excited to see how the ROG Flow will turn out.

    3. @Ved Aryan Every Windows since Windows 8 is like this. You can go to the settings on your PC right now and check it has a “tablet mode”. The idea was born when they were working on the Windows Phone OS

  2. Ok, the dummy unit inside the old mothership was actually really cool. Despite serving no actual purpose. Should use the shell to build a ltt small rig

    1. Eeeeeeew. I hate gaming laptops, purchased a ln ASUS G60J back in 2009, was one of the worse investments into a gaming laptop I ever made. Stay away from laptop gaming if you’re looking full immersion.

    2. I subscribed after watching him test how ram and mux switch affected strix AMD advantage laptop. Guy speaks straight facts.

    3. @pizza cat its fine for a change, not every time people should uplike youtubers just because they are youtubers))

      ps happy NY, Jarrod!

  3. “Well then what was the point of sending us this mock-up one?!”

    Meanwhile, at ASUS: “Guys, what happened to our drop-test model of the Z13?”

  4. so.. let me get this straight. the one time Asus design a surprise due to them knowing Linus already opens everything up… is the one-time Linus does not open up the laptop.

    1. Imagine being Asus marketing and being all excited because you know Linus is going to find it and he doesn’t even look. I love the idea that someone had to be like hey man… can you open it or something…

    2. @A3 Radio maybe it was intentional to make the second video, I also doubt that Asus would let to chance if they are going to open or not, and I am not calling Linus lazy, how can the guy who came out of nothing and have now the largest tech Chanel of the planet be lazy? I called the atitude not the guy, but also maybe he didn’t read the memo, his life must be crazy with all those projects.

    3. @Alisson Vale Austin is less risk adverse (to a bad degree). If Linus opened up something he wasn’t supposed to, the consequences would be much more severe.

  5. Really exited for what ASUS brings to us in the future, they really seem to dominate the market with innovative and competitive products. Great job!

  6. The Asus Z13 Flow is actually perfect for 3D artists relying on CPU rendering, the powerful CPU performance while the “just enough” GPU helps with a lot of CPU bound workloads while having much better cooling for sustained workloads where your CPU is bound to maxed performance over hours or even days at a time.
    This can spill over to more productivity oriented workloads, like Architecture and Load Bearing simulation, which is really heavy.

    1. CPU rendering, a sign of unoptimized software. There is nothing the CPU can do in terms of rendering that multiple GPU passes can’t do, while it has the advantage of many more calculaiton units, CUDA cores, RT cores.

    2. @Leon Francis unfortunately those Galaxy book pros can only be fitted with a maximum of 8 GB of dram according to their spec sheet, which is no good for any artists workload. I wouldnt recommend anything below 16 gb. Also no dedicated GPU would be a deal breaker for some

      Edit: for some reason samsungs site was only displaying the 13 inch models.

    3. @the air accumulator clearly, you do not see that sometimes this stuff is beyond our control. Company chooses the software, we work with what the company chooses.

  7. I got last year’s G14 with the 1080/120Hz display. I absolutely love it. I’m interested to see how the new one performs with the AMD graphics, compared to the 3060 in the previous model.

  8. considering the flow x vs flow z thing… I need a device to write on (pen) that also could run cad and 3d modelling. I don’t like the thermal design of surface devices and always liked the idea of the flow x. I would not have to buy a tablet and a laptop considering I don’t really game on it primarily. When I travel tough I could potentially game on low settings. I do not plan on buying the gpu just for that usecase. My desktop pc has plenty power to do all the heavy lifting when I’m at home. Lately I travelled from one worksspace to another. I always used a wireless mouse/keyboard and one or two monitors anyways. Therefore I don’t really care for the keyboard installed. Now with intel cpu and a smaller battery (flow z) I hope it does not fall behind in battery life compared to last gen flow x.

    I am going to buy what ever checks more boxes. Not quiet sure if flow x or z suits my needs better.

  9. I think the Flow Z13 would be a good option for artists who want an all-in-one device for digital drawing and has more horsepower than your average tablet.

  10. That nested case reveal is one of the most innovative and breathtaking reveal I have ever seen……to see how far the engineers were able to improve on their earlier concept by downright putting ver2.0 _in the belly_ of its predecessor is incredible

    1. tbf the z13 is basically gpuless compared to the 2080 machine that the mothership was so not THAT much to cut although it is still extremely impressive

    2. @Black Parade Yeah I have not seen the AE video or anyone else coverage of that particular one just the previous video from LTT so yeah it was a surprise to me that there was something in the Mothership.

  11. Looks like the G14 also got a larger trackpad, so great to see! I’m definitely going for it or the G15 if that’s also been improved when it comes time to change my laptop

    1. yes, 50% larger trackpad, g15 2022 will have all the upgrades except 16:10 aspect ratio. You can check all the upgrades in newer model on asus’s rog official youtube channel.

  12. even if its just printed on a small protective sheet, it looks really nice to see that “scematic” thingy of the cpu / gpu and the other componentsn of that zephy g14 , amd giving us all the gamer love, take notes intel, you are still behind even after the few years that have passed

  13. I could use Z13 for my desk setup, it works as secondary screen (connected to monitor), don’t need an extra stand or space like secondary monitor setup, and it works like for example opening guide while playing in main screen, or showing a browser/web preview while I code in the main screen.

    I also have mechanical wireless keyboard, so the keyboard being detachable is a plus, because in tablet mode it will easier to handle, and If want a serious typing session, I would rather use my own keyboard.

  14. ASUS is trying to start strong and putting a greater impact from the beginning so they can take over 2022. Let’s see what the competition can do against that.

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