The Best VR Games For PlayStation VR2! PSVR2 New Top 20 For 2024

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    The Best VR Games For PlayStation VR2! PSVR2 New Top 20 For 2024 Here is my new top 20 PS VR2 games so far in 2024. These are the best must buy games for PS5 PS VR2. I have reviewed all the PSVR2 games on this list and new PSVR2 games are coming later this year and I have linked that new vr games video at the end.

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    1. Dam you should be on without parole podcast once in a while, feel like you are the most unbiased VR youtube and always have good take.

      • Gamertag being unbiased is the main reason PSVR Without Parole will never do anything with him. Parole believes anyone who doesn’t think PSVR is the best Vr headset ever is paid off by Meta

      • @@patricklove7055 lol no they have wes on the show who is mostly a PCVR guy and is working for flat2VR, just shows you never watched without parole.

      • ​@patricklove7055 “Parole believes anyone who doesn’t think PSVR is the best Vr headset ever is paid off by Meta”

        Total BS take. No one on Parole has ever stated that, ever.

      • I don’t know how you can say unbiased when this list doesn’t have one of the best selling games on VR ever. Constantly gets updates as well.

    2. This is an awesome list, and honestly, I think the top 5 are the exact same top 5 I’d have for psvr2! Top tier list

    3. Wow 200 PSVR2 Games, that’s a lot of awesome entertainment! I also Totally agree with your top 20 list GT! All fantastic games, just wish I had the time to complete them all!

      • @@GAMERTAGVR 🥰 Awww thanks GT, yeah I’m doing well here and also busy with work and future projects.Hope you are well too! Keep up the great work and look forward to your next upload.

    4. Madison VR is the first horror game I can’t continue at the moment because I’m too scared. RE 4 and Village are my favourite Psvr2 games. Can’t wait to replay them.

    5. Would have to add Moss Books 1&2, Hellsweeper VR, Walkabout Minigolf, Galaxy Kart, Beat Sabar, Ultrawings, FNAF 1&2, Switchback VR, Genotype, Ancient Dungeons, Puzzling Places, Vertigo 2, Ovrdark, Propergation Paradise Hotel, Pistol Whip, Stilt, Very Bad Dreams, and Ghost Signal. Just a question of where to fit them in. Did I mention Red Matter1.

      • I would love to see your actual top 20. It’s a very hard thing to do because you can love some games equally ans then you have to break down more factors

      • @@GAMERTAGVR I really do appreciate how much effort goes into this, but will try and give it a go. GT7 stands at #1 sheer time and enjoyment. Puzzling Places, Synapse, No Mans Sky, Pistol Whip and Starwar TFTGE follow that. Next comes Hubris, Horizon COTM, 7th Guest, Madison VR, Legendary Tales, Red Matter1&2, and Crisis Brigade 2. Following up with Switchback, Moss Book 1&2, Ovrdark, Vertigo2, Genotype, and Very Bad Dreams. 20 games and didnt make it down to the REs of the platform or Light Brigade and PP:H, as a horror fan, 1 slot left without S&S, FNAF, or Affected the Manor. Nope going to have adjust it there and maybe go for a separate list just for the horror. Leaving room for Crossfire, Townsman, and the Light Brigade, whilst dropping Ovrdark and VBDs. Madison stays for sheer impact.

      • @@Gamecat_Photonutter 😂 love this! Excellent list. GT7 often creeps up and down for me. I have to play lots of different games and that changes things for me a lot.

      • @@GAMERTAGVR Here goes for the horror section. Might be a little recency bias but #1 goes to Madison, then Switchback, Overdark, Very Bad Dreams, and RE Village. Next up Propagation Paradise Hotel, RE4, FNAF1&2, Hellsweeper, The Walking Dead SnS1&2, and Affected the Manor, Then there’s Organ Quarter, Surviv3, Cosmodread, and Happy Funlands. Not quite 20? Ones I’m looking forward to are The Exorcist, even without the upgrade path, Zombie Army, Metro Awakening, Zombieland(might just take the plunge on your recommendation here) and Pneumata.

    6. Fantastic list dude.
      I’d have to try and squeeze galaxy kart and propagation in there somehow..
      Yea it’s been an insane first year.
      7th guest rocks. Loved that pick.

    7. Great list but for me RE8 is No1, great vid. Thanks for keeping up the support for the PSVR2 we need more of this from other YouTubers.

    8. Thanks for this overview! I agree with your choices. It is hard to judge some title’s in comparison to others because some are unique and good in their own way. But i do agree with your top 3 fully!

      Also I have some games to pick-up, like Madison and 7th Quest. But in the summer i don’t have a lot of time for gaming, so will wait until after summer. And then I will wait for some discounts.

    9. Great video! Hoping this generates more interest in PSV2 for those who aren’t familiar with it’s library. Here’s some I put on my top 20 that aren’t here but I’m guessing that’s because you’ve already played them a ton on other platforms and the PSVR2 versions aren’t as big of an improvement as say, NMS or S&S.
      – Walkabout Mini-golf

      – Synth Riders
      – Beat Saber
      – Pistol Whip
      – Ancient Dungeon
      – Vertigo 2
      – Propagation: Paradise Hotel
      – Puzzling Places

      • puzzling places is an excellent game, in fact it didn’t even reach its full potential on PSVR2, this year they are going to change the game’s graphics engine from unreal engine 4 to unreal engine 5 and they said that maybe they will add DFR from PSVR2 which will be supported When they change the graphics engine, then we can expect even higher resolution in the future.

    10. I’m not sure what I would have removed, but Propagation Paradise Hotel, Ghost Signal and Switchback are up there for me

      • Removing Switvhback was a little easier than I thought. I loved Propagation but it’s so short and Ghost single is in the 30-20 range. Fantastic game

    11. Recently just bought a Quest 3 and I cannot stress how happy I am. It really is epic having a PSVR2 and a Quest 3. They are both great headsets with their own strengths and variety.
      Despite what the mainstream might tell you I really think VR is in a good space at the moment.

    12. Nice video! Of course my top 20 list will be a little bit different, but it only shows that there are even more great games on psvr2 – like hidden gem – Masternoid! 😊

    13. Nice, I own 15 of these, and 100% 11 of those so doing alright. I’ll add Switchback, Propagation Paradise Hotel, Moss 1/2, Walkabout Mini Golf as great PSVR2 titles. From the list I’d love to get to Madison, Cyube & Arizona 2.

    14. Great to see you sharing some love for PSVR2 GT, you definitely picked some of the best ☮️❤️✌️

    15. Thank you for giving Horizon some love. It’s crazy how underrated it is. I had my knees and arms shaking while climbing – one of the most immersive VR games I’ve ever played. Those archery and obstacle course challenges were awesome

    16. Great timing to get this top 20 list out in time for all the new PSVR2 buyers following the current State of Play promotion that has the system $100 off as well as providing 12 months of Netflix Premium subscription for PS+ subscribers if bought from PlayStation Direct.

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