The Best Video Game Easter Eggs of 2022 (Part 1)

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Aperture Desk Job – 0:00
LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga – 1:04
Elden Ring – 1:46
Horizon Forbidden West – 2:58
Gran Turismo 7 – 5:18
Dying Light 2 – 6:26
Cyberpunk 2077 – 7:39

Gran Turismo music:
Outro music:



  1. *My favourite easter eggs of the year (so far)!*
    2021 was a pretty disappointing year for easter eggs. So far, 2022 seems to be a lot more promising. A bunch of cool secrets have been found this year, but here’s just a small selection of my favourites! Enjoy! <3

  2. that dying light easter egg was just amazing, nice to see someone finally take what they showcased in trailers and add it to their open world games!

  3. I haven’t seen much of Cyberpunk and didn’t think much of it, but when Johnny appeared after putting down the iguana egg I found that to be really cool. To a point I want to see more of it.

  4. The tribute in Horizon was done beautifully. I don’t know the man, nor have I ever had any interaction with him, but got a little choked up either way. (;_;)

    Oh, and thanks for pointing out the GoW artifacts, now I know what I’m missing from 100% completion. 8D

    • I just wish Aloy talked less : she has a thing to say about everything, but it’s so uninteresting… “there’s a path i wonder where it could there’s a painting wonder what it describes, that friend is surely missed”…
      Imo, if the poem was the only thing she read, the tribute would be so much better…

  5. Man I just don’t understand how, but even after so many years that I’ve been following, your videos still make me tear up a but with all your editing skills magic. I don’t even know how you do it, you’re so insane!

  6. Man, with his level of content creation being so stunning and amazing im surprised he hasn’t reached a million subs yet. One day you’ll get there! And keep up the amazing content!

  7. Great vid as always Guru! Loved the opening to the first egg, was such a smooth intro. I think the Horizon memorial could also be referencing Ghost of Tsushima (both PS exclusives) as the meditation scene looks similar. Never seen that Cyberpunk wholesome iguana egg development before! Very happy to see my name in the after credits of such a great video 😊

  8. Hey Guru, this content you produce is really crazy, I wanted to recommend the stalker games trilogy to you, the games are very good and have some impressive details for the time they were released

  9. Glad too see you still producing amazing content, you are one of the few YouTube I will constantly watch. Thanks for your videos! 🙂

  10. Your videos are so mesmerizing to watch as always. The way you put it all together with great music would forever make me a fan of your work.

  11. Great video as usual love watching these Easter egg videos and somehow 10 minutes feels more like 2 minutes they fly by 👌🏼looking forward to seeing more this year keep up the good work Guru

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