The Absolute State of Anime Video Games

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    Any anime fan has played at least one game based on an anime (probably an arena fighter). Be it Dragon Ball, Naruto, Bleach or One Piece. Anime and video games go hand in hand like… like uhh… uhh….




    1. Hxh should have been an rpg. As much as I wanna play as the characters, it’d be cool if I too got to be a hunter and learn nen and what not

    2. So many animes would have been amazing rauge likes, soul games or singl player mmo rpgs but noooo we gotta have either an area fighter with 80% dlc or a gacha game where you have to pay 200$ just to get one character who will most likely get nerfed then over shadowed by even more rare characters your forced to “spin” for.

      • Yeah, it’s getting pretty nuts but unfortunately it works 😔
        I’m like 98% sure that the “Solo Leveling” anime was made with the single purpose of selling loot boxes. I was already around 50% sure after only watching a few episodes, before they even announced the mobile game lol. It was actually kinda funny seeing the ads for the game pop up like clockwork right after the season finished, at least the first few times.

      • @Wooskii1  I played the game. To me, personally, I was just like any other anime moble game RPG. Not bad, but nothing special.

      • Gacha is much worse it has ll the trick in the book to make you an addict
        Nothing fun about farming for months just to get a chance to get a bad pixel with terrible gameplay

    3. If only inde devs/ companies had the license to make anime games, we’d have so many different and interesting anime games.

      • I agree in part. But you don’t need to rely on already licensed anime to produce a great game, though. You can “just” make a great game with anime aesthetics.

      • ⁠​⁠@@whzbwkkfuThey’re saying indie devs are more likely to make interesting anime games if given the license to do so.

      • Shinobi Striker is actually made by a small game studio. Not sure if they’d count as indie but that was actually their first game. It’s still going after 6 years and I’ve yet to see another game like it. It’s an arena fighter but it’s an interesting take on it.

      • Copyright is just bad for art. There is no reason for it to exist, it doesn’t protect anyone except very big companies.

        Death of IP is the rebirth of art.

    4. What is sad is that ROBLOX has more fun anime games than some made by big devs, and that’s a fact that more people play jujutsu shenanigans than the official jjk game. And yes, they aren’t perfect but still fun.

      • Fr bro, these roblox jjk games are mileeees better and more fun than cursed clash. And their free unlike that 60$ game.

      • @PAINDAGOAT29  it’s even funnier when big companies try to make roblox games but fail miserably.

      • Roblox games are mid but that’s fine because they’re free and kind of limited by the platform. Even with all that they show alot of personality and fun. Professional game Devs have no excuse yet people still funnel money to them instead of smaller Devs making fun games

      • ​​@@Jollofmuncher2000I highly doubt it’s the devs’ fault. Besides the fact that I doubt that they would continuously choose to make arena fighting games when given the choice, I’m almost certain they are given very little time (likely less than a year) to pump out these games. A year is barely any time and is hardly enough time to make a high quality game back to back to back to back. Just looking it up, there have been reports that the JJK game only had 4 months of development time. It may sound like a decent amount of time, but in game development, thats basically nothing

    5. What I don’t get is why nobody ever makes RPG games for animes where you can create your own character, and the game has a unique story, not a retelling of the anime’s story. I’d love to create my own ninja or shinigami in the Naruto or Bleach universes and go on an adventure where I sometimes meet some famous characters but I’m not forced to play them.

      • Because that’s hard and takes talent to do right. It’s also a risk that publishers don’t often want to take

      • dude…have you been sleeping for years?? there was a naruto game where u can create ur own ninja and stuff but the game flopped. Look it up, its on ps4/pc and stuff

      • ​@@heyjeySigmaYour referring to shinobi striker that’s close but not what we mean. Perfectly I’d take Bleach game similar to Musou games or Nioh series.

    6. All I want is a solid Character Action Game with anime character, it doesn’t even have to be on the same level as DMC or Bayonetta, a small game like Assault Spy is completely fine too, but that will never happen because this kind of game is too niche and doesn’t cater to the general audience, at this point I’ll even take a Musou game over arena fighters, let us be the main characters and smack enemies with style.

      • As someone who is super biased towards hack-and-slash games, I agree with this take. However, if handled poorly, it could end up as bland and overdone as One Piece Pirate Warriors. The way I see it, it’s just a matter of letting these devs get as creative as they need to be while also giving them an actually sufficient budget and time frame. Totally unrealistic in this day and age, I know, but my point still stands.

    7. It’s so wild how Bandai Namco publishes all of this oversaturated anime arena fighter garage and Elden Ring.

      • I always see people posting big collages of game companies and their games, and with bandai Namco it’s always like Tekken 8 and then 20 dragon ball games

      • ​​@@pogethedogeTekken is not a 3d arena fighter but I still find it hard to believe there’s anime fighter game developers published by namco don’t take anything from their fellow 3d fighter lol

      • Bamco publishes way more interesting and good IPs but yeah they have like a monopoly on Anime licenses and only fo fighters sadly

    8. I want a Shonen Jump crossover fighter in the style of MvC3. It could even use that game’s comic book aesthetic and just replace the visuals with manga effects knstead of western comic ones.

    9. The yakuza games team would make a really good jojo game. They already made a fist of the north star game and it was very very good.

    10. “Are you Jujutsu Kaisen Cursed Clash because you look like a movie selection screen? Or do you look like a movie selection screen because you are Jujutsu Kaisen Cursed Clash?”

    11. 24:00 this is mostly true but execution actually can add a lot of depth to fighting games in that it creates a margin for error that something like chess could never have, it shifts decision making in a situation from “do x to beat x” to “can I consistently land this or should I go for something easier but less rewarding?”, this type of decision making is a big part of what people love about older fighting games, it makes the game more satisfying to play long term and creates hype moments that might be impossible if everything in the game is easy to you, EVO moment 37 is a prime example of that, this is not to say that I disagree with the notion that simple fighters can be deep but we’ve definitely lost something on the road for further and further simplification that never seems to end or be enough to get casuals through the door

      • You make some good points, and I got a whole lot more I wanna say on the topic but that’s for another vid

      • 100% agree. A common underlying idea I see in FG execution discourse is that fighting games wouldn’t lose anything by removing or simplifying the execution layer, but it usually glosses over the fact that even the top level players are prone to fumbling and cracking under pressure. There’s a reason basketball teams don’t default to spamming halfcourt shots; reaching the execution ceiling on these games is pretty much humanly impossible, and pushing against that human limit is what makes them so exciting to play and rewarding to practice.

        It’s honestly kind of annoying how often high-execution fighting games get talked down on even though there’s plenty of low-execution variety with games like Yomi Hustle and GBVSR that still remain niche despite catering to a lot of common pain points. If I had to guess it’s probably the result of a bunch of twitterites that feel the need to weigh in on the genre when it’s on their feed instead of acknowledging that there’s a fundamental incompatibility with how they derive enjoyment from games and the structure and required time investment of fighting games. Not to say the other side of the conversation doesn’t have its own share of insane people coming out of the woodwork when a game has autocombos or something, though.

    12. The Tokyo Ghoul game is a really depressing example cause it had the right idea by being a beat n up instead of an Arena Fighter, but they went with the most bland, basic combat system possible, and still kept the trend of random anime screenshots to tell the story

    13. Daisuke Ishiwatari is crazy for not only creating Guilty Gear but being a developer, illustrator, writer, composer and voice actor for the entire series. He is someone I look up to and respect, a man of many talents.

    14. Fighterz was a breath of fresh air for me. They made a proper fighting game with visuals that even surpassed the anime at times.

      6 years later and I am still playing and learning new combos at a high level.

      Sparking Zero hopefully will show all these studios how a 3D arena fighter should be done.

      Dragonball always stays on the forefront of the anime gaming industry 😤

      • Uhhh the Naruto Ultinate ninja storm series have been a major succes why do you think they made so many installments?

      • @@DionPanday Yes, the Storm series has been very successful! However, like I said is that Fighterz was a breath of fresh air from the repetitive arena fighter formula, that even the Storm series falls into.

        Don’t get me wrong, Storm titles are good games… but what the differences per installment are minimal, as they are playing it safe.

        Fighterz was a risk that paid off massively. Sparking Zero is innovating from it’s predecessors, in a way that the Storm series has not recently.

      • You’re spittin, TBH each one tends to have more differences that are noticeable if you actually play them. Naruto is basically carried by Storm but DBZ has so many different games that are usually “fighting” but all feel completely different. ​@@deviouschimp4663

      • ​@@deviouschimp4663 mind if I ask what innovations are theyr rally adding ? Seems like just storm with the DB IP and they are flying?

      • ​@@deviouschimp4663dude wdym innovations its literally exactly like the old budokai and storm games but instead they are flying

    15. JJK would make for a BANGER tactical RPG like Disgaea, honestly. The best way to use these incredibly specific abilities is to be turn-based. Domain expansions would be great in those too, both when performed by enemies and allies. You could even have some Gojo-exclusive missions where you’re OP and invincible but there’s a turn limit to complete it.

      Not everything needs a fighting game(One Piece does, though)

    16. TL;DW: variety and depth is the solution to an over saturated market, not the complete pivoting or annihilation of a genre.

    17. Sand Land deserves more recognition and respect for doing something new and refreshing with its game. It’s a perfect example of a game being built around the world of the ip that makes sense rather than just slapping a recycled gameplay system on a pre existing franchise hoping it’ll sell.

      Bandai actually took chances and went in a unique route with it that I’d love to see more of in the future.

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