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  1. Still to this day, Psychonauts is 1 of the best Playstation games ever made. I replayed the 1st game about a year before the 2nd game was released (after about a 15 year wait), & it was still just as enjoyable as it was when I 1st played it as a kid. Also, after having taken both a psychology course & philosophy course in college, I discovered certain things about characters & levels I didn’t as a kid, which actually made the game even better.

  2. Can’t stand what companies like craptivision jizzard have done to their workers. Bad enough their games suck now too but this?? Lol I’m sooo done.

    1. My fur baby had to go to the Emergency vet Hospital on Sunday now she is home safe and sound & is on road to Recovery now Jessie. ♥️🐕‍🦺😨♥️

  3. There’s a Psychonauts TWO now?!!!? I love me some games with psychological elements in it, Disco Elysium, and I guess Persona to a lesser extent. Psychonauts 1 is my best friends favorite game.

    1. Ayyy on a Noah Samsen video I saw that you commented about how you feel that Hasan is kind of a dikhed lol. And I got kind of testy with you about it because I agree… But he also does a lot of good so maybe take it easy on the guy???

      But ever since his libbed out reaction to the hogwarts game drama……. Eyeahhh… That was pretty awful of him to react that way. Starting to see your point about the dude. Still think he’s mostly a good enough dood but mannn he clearly does have some elitist bubble brained libbed out takes from time to time. He helped make trans folk as a whole look like bullies. Like wtf Hassy??? And no bro… You don’t get a trans hatred pass card if you play the nazi terf wizard game, but raise charity cash while you do it… Look to how H bomber guy did it if you want to know to do it right. Lost a good bit of respect for him after that. He’s a rich boy in good with the streamer types who are largely horrible people. Of course he’s not going to be perfect I suppose…

      Also saw him cut a apple recently and bro clearly never has to work in the kitchen and make his own meals. Come on Hassy get some skills other than yelling at people all day.

  4. Sadly, I haven’t gotten to play the second one yet but I know I’m going to love it since the first is one of my favorite games to replay! I’m hope to get to try it soon!

  5. Engagement for the engagement god! Subs for the sub throne!

    Also, I was the 70th like for this video. I’m sorry?

  6. Yeah, the documentary was very interesting and surprisingly emotional. Psychonauts 2 is a really good game too. Although I liked the first game better. The second game is riddled with cutscenes that sometimes pester you every few in-game steps …

  7. Psychonauts 2 a fantastic follow up to the brilliant Psychonauts game. It took 15 years but we finally got it. I didn’t know about PsychOdysey, I’ll have to put it on my list of things to watch.

  8. You lookin very huggable here :3

    Pyschonauts 2 is very good. They somehow managed to create enemies that are based of mental health stuff without being distasteful and also a lot of real creativity in the level design.

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