NCAA College Football 2023 Video Game RELEASE DATE || My Wishlist
News on the new EA Sports 2023 College Football video game *My Twitter* -


  1. The old NCAA games were released the second Tuesday of July so we could see a July 11th 2023 release date possibly.

  2. Request denied. Paying for cards and content is what they’ll absolutely do. You’ll have to buy teams, stats, premium content, uniforms, etc etc, and the game will probably suck

  3. Dude if they really do it right and hit it out of the park, I wouldn’t be surprised if it makes a billion. Lol

  4. It needs fully customizable uniform selections/create a uniform, include every uniform a team has ever worn(I’d be ok with paying a very nominal fee for like 10+ uniform options for my teams, with 3-4 default uniforms), and fully customizable stadiums/fields.

    1. I would be okay with uniform packs like they’ve had in the past if it’s worth it you could buy like a season pass and get em all

  5. I would like create a bowl/change/eliminate a bowl. I’d also like to create/delete/rename a conference.

  6. Hopefully we can make super conferences, playoff expansion, stadium upgrades, facility upgrades. Maybe like an AD mode kind of like owner mode on Madden. Just make the damn game good EA lol we’ve been dying for this game.

  7. I was happy to hear your #1 source was released from prison LOL. In worse news, you have a gator roaming around your workspace. This may be an OSHA violation :{ . Seriously though, you do a really good job on the show and the info is appreciated! Hope you are right about Caleb Downs to my Buckeyes. God Bless!

  8. I like recruiting in college basketball 2k9 u was able to recruit freshman all the way until they were seniors in high-school even find talent internationally. For example finding a punter/kicker in Australia. But what would be more realistic is 5star should almost never commit to a non power 5 school. Lower level teams have to compete by improving football facilities and developing 3 and 2 star athletes like in real life

  9. For RTG, we need camps (Rivals/247 sports), then combines to be ranked, then All American games like UA and US Army. Putting real players from high school is OD, but modders will probably do this themselves.

  10. 1:34 I think your also missing there’s a chance of a July 11th release date because 12 13 and 14 all released on the 2nd Tuesday of July so it’s possible for a July 11th release date

    *Also please wvu country roads when they win a game in NCAA 23*

  11. we absolutely need an ultimate team are you kidding me?! you can’t just go over to madden and take over 10,000 players to choose from and make a team out of it. theme teams would be insane and limited time cards like a heismen card or playoff mvp cards. imagine the tension you would have playing as Michigan and loading into a match against an ohio state player. i mean the possibilities are endless for an ultimate team in an ncaa football game. especially since it’s going to be an arcade based game rather than a simulation experience.

  12. I’d like to see a realistic and more in-depth transfer portal that resembles how it is now and to be able to pick my entire coaching staff top to bottom plus add more coaching positions how it is in real life and choices in the dynasty mode that you make should affect certain outcomes in recruiting and add NIL to the game and the things you mentioned on top of that plus being able to fully create and customize a new school like a school creator up to 6 schools could be created and also to be able to create new uniforms for current schools and i would like to see like what 2K has with community uploads where they create draft classes have something like that so we can download the real recruiting classes created by people if we can’t get the real recruits we can just download them because I know someone would create them and have community uploads to create a school if you don’t want to create it from scratch yourself

  13. Something I noticed was like the past 3 college football games released the second Tuesday of July

  14. Recruiting needs to be important in this game. It is a huge part of college football. We need a authentic college football game not a college game like Madden. We need to be able to edit coaches and team gear also. Band music stadiums atmosphere is a must for the game. We have waited a long time for this game to come back, so hopefully it is amazing!

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