MY TOP 15 Movie Easter Eggs In Video Games

So around once a year, I like to take a look at some of my favourite movie related Easter eggs in video games, and this years selection of film referencing Easter eggs are some of the best yet. In todays video we will be taking a look at 15 of my favourite movie referencing Easter eggs found in video games. NEW MERCH!: Become a channel member and get exclusive badges and a credit in every video!: Become a Patron and get a credit in every video, along with many other perks!: My socials: *Business email: *Instagram: *Twitter: *Discord: More videos like this one: Maneater Easter Eggs & Secrets: The Last Of Us Part 2 Easter Eggs: Video Game Easter Eggs Series: Cool Video Game Details Series: Call Of Duty Easter Eggs: The Best Of Captain Eggcellent: Music used -

54 thoughts on “MY TOP 15 Movie Easter Eggs In Video Games

  1. Starting off in the crysis easter egg, I was thinking “oh boy, another Star Wars reference” so it made me pretty happy to see Scrat. Also cause I love Ice Age

  2. 8:44 I see a reference not only to the lord of the rings but also to the terminator. If you look at the lower left corner you will see a familiar hand sticking out of the lava

  3. I love how you get silent to wait for the easteregg to be visible. I like to guess it myself and its so fun 🙂 also 9:05 everyone watches Golum but misses that thumbs up sticking from the molten iron on the left 😀

  4. 7:40 there’s also an Easter egg (dunno if you covered it yet) referencing this in Mortal Kombst 11. If terminator and Jacqui Briggs fight he’ll say he accomplished his mission after jacqui asks “is it true that sub zero’s now plain zero”

  5. At 8:50, you can also see GIR, the robot companion to Zim from Invader Zim, on the conveyor belt in the top left. Not a movie detail, but one from a show.

  6. 8:45 if you look closely to the left side of the screen, inside the silo (or probably a smelter) you can see the famous thumbs up from the movie Terminator 2

  7. Not an Easter egg, but I was replaying Astros Playroom on PS5, and in the main hub, after you punch other Astros and they start following you, when you start to enter a new level, like Cooling Springs, if you turn around and look at them, they’ll start waving bye excitedly. I probably didn’t explain it correct and it may not be that big, but it’s a detail I liked.

  8. Im pretty sure at 5:22, when you died in Sunset Overdrive, you ragdolled, and you could here the flatline sound from either garrys mod or half life, especially since you ragdolled like in garrys mod!

  9. In the Ghostbusters game, if you keep checking the answering machine between levels, eventually one message will say “Who Busts the Ghostbusters?” a reference to Watchmen

  10. I don’t know if this has been covered, but in Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, if you shoot an enemy in certain spots (for example, the foot) they recoil and start to lift their leg that was shot up.

  11. I love how for the shrek reference in serious Sam… they just write “Somebody…” I legit expected someone to pop out of the outhouse for a sec

  12. Seeing that ending one really makes me realize how interesting classic slasher could translate to a good videogame. Nightmare on Elm Street maybe a survival type game trying to keep your character awake long enough to learn the origins of Freddy and how to defeat him, if you daze out or run out of energy and sleep you go into the combat against Freddy in dream warrior sequences. Or just as well with Hellbound, someone opens the box so it’s your character vs deadites trying to close it and send them back. A fun royal esque crossover have all the classic slashers together on a map and the goal is to become the most feared so it’s how many kills and how many gruesome scary kills to win.

  13. In Kingdom Rush Vengeance, if you looked in the opposite corner of the Golum easter egg, there is a slight chance that on the conveyor belt Gir from Invade Zim will appear. It actually happens in this video. Keep a look out for the robot with the big blue eyes

  14. The tower defense game had a reference to Terminator also. A thumbs up can be seen in the molten steel off to the left.

  15. I like your content. I just noticed that most of the games you feature are shooters for some reason. I guess shooting games tend to have more easter eggs than other genres.

  16. Ice age was one of my favorite movie when I 12 and I can’t believe it’s been 20 years since it was released

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