Episode 1109: Best Video Games of 2022 (So Far) with HenricK The WrecK | Chris Collins Show

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Our CCS video game contributor HenricK The WrecK joins our Just Talking segment to answer the most important video game questions. What’s more important; playing Video Games or playing with Pussy — you just need to push the buttons, right? What type of fluids do Gamers drink to get their game on — alcohol, alcohol with a sports drink or water with a dash of alcohol? Gaming life is tough, your streaming live and you’ve got to blow your nose! Jack Traven What do you do? WHAT DO YOU DO? Speed (1994). This one is pretty easy, you’re watching a cut scene and your girlfriend calls, do you pick up or ignore the call — you pick up and ignore the call until the cut scene is over, right? Why go outside anymore when you can hang out with virtual Snoop Dog in the metaverse? Top games of 2022, ELDEN RING and Horizon, Forbidden West are going toe to toe for game of the year. Marissa finds her inner spirit Pokemon, Sudowoodo hides capture by pretending to be a tree in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Valve (Steam) takes a stand against NFT’s, blockchain and cryptocurrency while Amazon says Bye Felicia to the gaming console (Playstation, Switch, Xbox). It’s all about cloud gaming now, all you need is Luna controller and a Smart TV to play the latest titles or will it end up like Google Stadia’s cloud gaming platform, dead flat as Mario smashed mushrooms?

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