Best Gaming Mice – Logitech vs Razer, Finalmouse
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  1. Is no one gonna mention how crazy accurate this review actually is with that testing machine? Unmatched channel on Youtube for sure!

    1. and im happy to see he is a fellow aussie even though he points out the prices in USD i get that’s the majority of viewers

    2. What really makes his reviews have value imo is the fact that he actually has a very good understanding of aiming, and is good at it

  2. Shape (and in some cases, weight) should be the main focus when it comes to choosing mice imo. Sensor accuracy and click latency are both so good that it’s practically negligible now.

    1. @Chikuwa Yeah, while I kinda get why ultralight mice are a thing these days, I just can’tt see things like those wafer thin carbon fiber mouse buttons lasting too long under extended use. Plus personally I prefer the heavier mice anyway.

    2. @Khrrck same I try some lightweight mice like viper mini and model o, but still back to my rival 310

    3. @The Determinator Some few companies have questionable mice, but I think the majority don’t. I would say that Zowie, VAXEE, HyperX, Glorious, Roccat, Xtrfy, and Finalmouse. All are far from sketchy. Top tier QC with great options for shape, sensor, latency, weight, wired, and wireless mice. The only mice that I have heard have QC issues right now are Steelseries.

    4. @The Determinator Sketchy in what sense? I do Aimlabs and have been in the higher ranks of CSGO, Valorant, Apex Legends and can’t tell a difference. Sensors and firmware implementations even on 30$ mice with 3327/3335 is pretty darn good. The only thing that still is wack on most mice for me is clicks. They focus so much on everything but a perfectly tensioned clicks and good coating.

      So far the only clicks that stole my heart are : Mz1 and XM1. Xlite and Haste are almost there. Other mice are quite *egh*

  3. I ended up grabbing a G303 and I’m seriously considering buying another couple of them so I can have spares. I really, really like the feel and it’s probably my favourite mouse I’ve ever tried.

    1. I love my MM720 but wanted a wireless so ended up buying Xenics Titan GE AIR. It’s same shape as MM710 only an upgrade. Check that one out too.

    2. @Lt. Bubbles u don’t need to buy an expensive mouse mate

      That’s a lot of companies out make mouse

    3. I feel the same way about g303. My fav mouse of all.. I might get one or two more back up ones.

    4. I love my G303 too. But I really want to try what a 60g mouse feels like since I don’t want to open up my g303

  4. Great stuff and nice video but honestly I am in love with the razer deathadder shape, sadly the Viper ultimate someone felt like a bit off, I think its because of the weight. Super excited about this new razer mouse. Anyway, I am open for any suggestions about new mouses, do you have any despite the ones shown in this video?

  5. The Razer Viper shape is much better for in hand mobility compared to the GPX for me personally. I could never get a comfortable grip on the GPX compared to the Razer Viper Pro V2, hence why I decided to use that instead.

  6. Great review and awesome benchmarks/rig. I actually also have all 3 of these mice…

    I think there’s something to be said about how mushy the sidebuttons on the superlight are. The coating is A+++ and the reason why I gravitate towards it…but the side buttons are strait mushy booty and pretty bad for something like Fortnite if you have building binds on them.

    V2pro and Finalmouse side buttons are leaps and bounds better imo

  7. Xm1r is probably my top pick in the gpro field. Excellent coating, easy to get a grip on it. I found the gpx sl to be a bit slippery in comparison.

  8. You should definitely try out the Infinity Hump for the Starlight-12. It replaces the rear hump to make it suitable for claw grip. I absolutely love it and it has made the mouse my main.

  9. The Superlight is such a great mouse and it’s hard to use anything else after it. I mean, I haven’t felt compelled to look at anything else after it except something like a Zaunkoenig which sounds surreal. But trying to use my old G305 after the Superlight felt so clunky. Then again, there’s a mouse for every preference and I have a friend who swears by his Viper Ultimate.

    1. Yeah, it just proves how mouse choice is 100% personal preference when the specs are the same since everyone’s hand is different. I tried both the Superlight and G303 and both just feel odd and awkward to me compared to the viper. Now I cant use any other mouse.

    2. Honestly, the Zaunkoenig with a braided bare cable is like holding air. The cable was the only bit I didn’t love about mine, but now it feels wireless. And it does this all while looking better than honeycomb mice in my opinion.

    3. Yeah it’s totally subjective just like how a lot of people still swear by their Zowies. I, myself, find the GPX to be perfect for my relaxed claw and i can see myself not wasting anymore money on mice for a foreseeable future.

  10. great review – absolutely love the testing methodology you’re building up here. One thing I could have liked to see on your latency bar chart is, next to the chart, also mention if the mouse is wireless or wired, and its weight in grams. That would give a great overview pointing people easily to the product they think has the properties most important for them in a balance they like.

  11. I would be really curious to see how some steelseries units measure up alongside what you have already tested.
    As always, great work Ali πŸ‘Œ

  12. I love the effort ur putting into the testing of these products…just something that you really can’t find anywhere in the tech YouTube landscape. Adding that high of a production quality and overall visual standart is just a real bliss to watch and enjoy πŸ™‚ keep up the great work!

  13. your testing methods, your presentation, and your objective views (for such a subjective topic) are above and beyond. keep going what you do!

  14. I just love the low profile, flatter shape of the viper. I tried GPRO and somehow it feels more straining on my wrists, despite being a very small difference in shape.

  15. Great to see the multitude of awesome gaming mouses on the market considering the variability of hand shapes and sizes all over the world. Having the opportunity to choose from soooo many is a great thing to have πŸ₯°πŸ€―πŸ‘. Awesome vid and test rig Ali πŸ₯°πŸ€€.

  16. I do wonder if the sensor lag numbers are at all influenced by the inertia of the mice (though that would track to real world use as the lighter mice have less inertia in your hand as well).

  17. I have one concern with the motion test. The result of movement from standstill might be majorly affected by how the sensor algorithm determines movement from standstill, and might not reflect the latency in motion. A better method could be method could be moving the mouse at a speed X and then accelerating it to speed Y, and detect the point where the speed changes compared to the command. The faster speed could use some insane power/speed, because the end speed doesn’t matter, only the point where the speed changes.

  18. I’ve been through quite a few mice for games in my years.
    Roccat used to do some really good ones, but not so much these days, they over complicated their designs.
    Razer has generally been rubbish for me and too overpriced.
    The best I’ve used in a long time is the Glorius mice. its light, works well, hasn’t broken on me yet. I love it and would buy another in a heartbeat.

  19. After going through countless gaming mouses in the past few years, the superlight is the one I settled on. Well rounded and cost is reasonable unlike the M2K

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