8 TERRIFYING Horror Video Games Coming In 2022

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Yup, we're getting Leatherface: The Game. #texaschainsawmassacre #horror

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0:00 – Intro
00:24 – Dying Light 2
02:32 – Texas Chainsaw Massacre
04:28 – The Evil Dead: The Game
05:52 – Outlast The Trials
08:27 – Dead Space
09:42 – Scorn
11:36 – The Callisto Protocol
13:00 – The Devil In Me
14:46 – Outro


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    • Which means its going to be pretty great. Make games is hard and takes a long time and a lot of work to make it the way we the fans want it which means no bugs (near impossible btw) and amazing graphics and story and now no load screens for the newest consoles. A great example of a dev team that took a long time to make a game and it just came out in december is Century: Age of Ashes it was a 30 person dev team that, in 2017, started developing a dragon rider aerial battle game and it runs smooth, sound design is awesome and very little bugs. Let developers take there time because when they get rushed we get games like Battlefield 2042

  1. Eh.. I’m not looking forward to any of the four vs one games. Those aren’t really horror games to me. It’s a shame too, because the themes of those games could be great single player third person horror games.
    I’m definitely looking forward to the next Dark Pictures Anthology game, because I’ve enjoyed every one of them so far. Sure, Until Dawn is still the best of them, but the others aren’t bad at all in my opinion.

  2. House Of Ashes was a huge return to form for Supermassive Games after the incredibly underwhelming Little Hope. House is easily the best in the Dark Pictures series so far and Supermassive’s best horror title since Until Dawn. I’m really looking forward to The Devil In Me.

  3. I cannot wait for The Calisto Protocol! I’m so sick of 1st person horror games. They all rely on jumpscares and that’s not horror for me. Can’t wait for atmosphere and dread with this new game!

  4. I’m pretty excited about The Outlast Trials. To be honest I will play anything horror if it’s good but Outlast has always been one of my favorites.

  5. I loved outlast and outlast 2. I really want another story game and I don’t wanna wait another 4 years for another one that has a story after 3

  6. Why is it the go to now for horror games to include a 4 player coop system? Usually against a horde of AI or one other player controlling a killer… There has to be an original idea out there somewhere. It reminds me of when battle royale games were being regurgitated out left right and center

  7. Yea…ever since I saw the gameplay reveal for Scorn, I’ve been interested. But it is definitely the most disgusting or unsettling game design I’ve ever seen. It’s a combination of wanting to gag or vomit and being so engrossed that I can’t look away. I usually watch these videos on my lunch at work and I actually had to look away during that part of the video while eating. Bravo to them lol

  8. I’m not too optimistic about Dying Light 2. Almost all the reviews I have seen say something like “I really want to love this game but…”

  9. man, all these games that i would have been buzzing for even ten years ago, i cant even be exited or optimistic about any of them the state that gaming is in these days. although having said that, if the last game mentioned is about H.H. Holmes that could be interesting

  10. Just to mention Leatherface in Dead by Dayligt… DbD needs a true competitor because that game has lost it’s grip and the developers don’t care about their community anymore. Sure, VHS is coming soon but it’s not quite in same genre. Getting a true DbD competitor will be refreshing and as long as it’s half way decent I’ll play that instead of DbD any day.
    Also, Scorn… Isn’t HR Giger involved in the art? Which would explain a lot since he was the original artist in the fist Alien movies.

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