8 “Hated” Video Games You Should Play In 2022

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Were we too harsh?

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  1. I like that it’s usually both Josh and Scott complaining about RockStar and Take two not making GTA6 and one of the reasons they give out is GTA Online and how much money it rakes in for RockStar and here’s both Josh and James encouraging people to play GTA Online.

  2. It’s unfair to consider the launch of gta online an disaster on its release. Prior to October 1 2013 nothing had ever been attempted at that scale. Of course there were going to be bugs

  3. I really believe if Cyberpunk had been released now for the latest consoles and without all the hype it would have got stellar reviews. Beautiful, immersive world, great gunplay, solid story, fleshed out NPCs, fun side quests, great character progression and skill trees.

    • @Chase Viking i’d honestly like a sandbox mode. No story. I prefer story mode in most games, but jesus NMS is like nihilism squared. ( *spoiler warning* )
      You find out that you are only data, not alive, and exist only inside an ancient and broken alien satellite floating in the eternal void of a dead universe, who’s malfunction means that the only way to continue your existence is to continue rebooting the AI. An eternal cycle of the windows startup sound followed by the blue screen of death sound. And every time you reboot, another program is corrupted, meaning that there is no point to trying to save yourself or the universe, as there is no one left alive in meatspace to repair the sattelite. You are just prolonging death with no hope of leaving behind any trace you ever existed.
      For a mostly chill, colorful exploration game, that is a story so brutal that saying it ‘clashes’ is the greatest understatement ever made.

    • Tried it when it first came out then tried it again a little over a year later. I could tell the difference. I had a lot of major improvements but it still wasn’t my type of game.

    • This is not only a great redemption it is next level game devs. I almost feel bad how much they put into the game without adding a DLC or even a $10 thank you dlc that gives you an in game sticker. I purchased The last Campfire as a way to support the devs and ended up enjoying the game though it is not for everyone kind of a chill puzzle game.

  4. No Man’s Sky is one of my favorite games of all time. The tiny team of developer’s never charged for a single update. They just kept working away update after update. I have nothing but respect for that team of champions.

  5. No Man’s Sky is the Gold Standard for turning a game around and making it great. There are so many games that have been released in the past few years that need a lot of love to make them great, but most publishers don’t want to spend the time and the money to do it, so they just abandon the game.

  6. I never thought of Fallout 76 being bad when it launched, imo it was as intended and was just the players that didn’t like the way it was. And that is besides the normal Bethesda bugs. Also, Cyberpunk 2077 I only had 1 bug issue with it before they started all these massive updates and is when I started having bugs.

  7. “Don’t buy recently released games, because they suck, wait years for programmers to do what they should have done first” – The video

  8. I played original Sims in PC. This training taught me to save constantly. This is why I was able to play CyberPunk as it released without too much issue. Looking forward to playing it with the patches.

    • I was able to finish the game without any issues too. I was really surprised when everyone was complaining about all the crashes and glitches, while I only experienced 1 glitch throughout the whole game

  9. Sword and Shield actually don’t have the most overall pokemon, that title belongs to Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon as they contain every pokemon up to that point whether it’s in the pokedex or not

    • @Teo Laurich This game sucks, but for 29.99 extra it doesn’t!

      I enjoy Pokémon games but this is accurate, you can’t claim a game is good now if the “good” part of the game is behind a paywall…

    • @Anthony demons Siller runb4ME Do you know if you don’t like something don’t pay attention to it the games weren’t meant for you anyways And the people who enjoy the games will continue to play them so go play something you really enjoy and ignore what you don’t

    • @Teo Laurich I beat it and it was extremely fun I don’t get why people say the game is boring it was one of the most fun gaming experiences I’ve ever had

    • @Missing Numbers hey how did you get out of my masterball. I traveled the beach for days looking for you no way id let you run loose

  10. couldnt agree more with cyberpunk. I got it on release day and after about 20 crashes just gave up on it, but once the free ps5 upgrade went live I decided to pick it back up and have really enjoyed the vast majority of the game.

  11. I played Daikatana for the first time ever a few weeks ago.
    Surprisingly, I really enjoyed it. Pushed past the annoying opening section and found a really fun game.
    It costs buttons on GOG right now, I advise y’all to give it a go.

    • Pretty much, then they tried to sell you back the features they cut from it and is still inferior overall and has cost them a lot of fans.

  12. Thing is the game shouldnt have been released in that state in the first place. They shouldnt be appluaded for fixing a game they released at full price to the public knowing that it was a broken mess.

  13. I purchased Cyberpunk on Xbox Series in January, and actually finished it recently. Patch 1.5 improved it massively, but even before that, I really enjoyed this game. And the more I played it, the more I loved it.

  14. Orrrr, you could play Guardians of the Galaxy. A bit repetitive at times when it comes to combat but the storyline is amazing.
    I had dove into 2077’s 1.5 patch prior to the release of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands and it definitely breathes new life into the game, very subtly. Rather than the storyline/mission specific texts you get randomly, you’ll actually get ones just as you meander around. There are still issues, like getting a bunch of Panam’s texts directly after she drives away at the end of one of her mission, but it evened out and now things happen more organically. Plus with the fixer lists, you get a feeling of actually accomplishing something.

  15. When I first played cyberpunk on my xbox one, it was extremely frustrating with the amount of glitches and crashes even though I loved the story and parts of the game. Now with the updates and me getting ps5 version of it, it runs way smoother and I can enjoy my chaotic adventures in Night City

  16. I played cyberpunk a couple of months ago finally, it was so damn good. I should mention I played on ps5, and I did see a couple bugs. I can count them on one hand and they honestly made me laugh and didn’t get in my way lol

    And as for avengers, give it a pass and play guardians of the Galaxy instead.

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