25 Upcoming PS5 Games for 2022 – 2023

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0:00 Action & Adventure
0:17 Stray
0:56 God of War: Ragnarok
1:38 Rollerdrome
2:02 Sonic Frontiers
2:24 The Wolf Among Us
2:48 Goodbye Volcano High
3:16 Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League
3:39 Goat Simulator 3
4:11 The Last of Us part 1
4:42 SEASON: A Letter to the Future
5:00 First-Person Shooters
5:14 Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
5:36 Metal Hellsinger
5:56 RPGs
6:08 Hogwarts Legacy
6:30 Hell is Us
6:52 Star Wars Jedi: Survivor
7:14 Gotham Knights
7:49 Final Fantasy XVI
8:10 Kingdom Hearts IV
8:42 Horror
8:57 Resident Evil 4
9:30 The Callisto Protocol
9:56 Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals
10:17 Layers of Fears
10:47 Alan Wake II
11:02 Dead Space Remake
11:30 Fighting
11:37 Street Fighter 6



  1. This might not be popular, but remakes utilizing modern engines would definitely make the publishers a lot of coin. I could see them totally redoing the entire God of War (and many others were I to ponder the possibilities) series. VR for something like these would make them even juicier!!
    Hogwarts Legacy intrigues me even though I have been out of the potterverse since HP7p2.
    FF16: I hope they do it justice. I have been an FF fanboy for a long time, but recent releases leaves something to be desired.
    Kingdom Hearts 4: Again, I would like to see the previous iterations redone. I have not yet played #3 TBH.

    • “This might not be popular” then proceeds to say a popular idea that tons of people already say is overdone. 🤦
      All companies do nowadays is remake games and movies. They already know they don’t need new unique ideas when they can just resell something that was successful a decade ago and even increase the price. We’re literally on the 3rd versions Batman and Spider-Man for my generation alone 💀 and naughty dog, one of the best publishers imo, is giving us v3 of a 2013 game instead of a new IP this year.

    • @BOOGIE My point was that a lot of people want fresh games, not rehashes of old ones. Many of the classic PS1 games have not been played by the current generation of gamers. The only issue is that I want to see them done right. FF7 Remake for instance sucked when compared to the original. The magic the original had was just not there in the remake.

    • @Sight Beyond Sight I really like ff7 remake and I fucking hate remasters/remakes that just increase the resolution and keep the game as broken and dated as it used to be. If you’re gonna remake a game actually make it modern, otherwise people should just go play the original.

  2. Thanks for the update dude! Hope you can check out Meta Islands and how cool this game will be! Enjoying the beach and fighting of mutants and having the means to survive will be such an awesome game to play!

  3. Yeah…looks like I am gone replay my old PS4 titles with improved graphics on my PS 5 this year…new content for 2022 is trash.

  4. I think the next two years should be called the years of remakes, Alan Wake II and RE 4 remake and Dead Space Remake are the ones I’m excited about, The Last of Us Part 1 is also good but only when it comes to PS Plus Extra.

  5. Can we get a survival Alien invasion game like the last of us style?!!! It would be a incredible experience. We can be a civilian character fighting in the ground and another character in the military fight in the air.

  6. Sadly, only GOW and the Callisto Protocol interest me. New IP’s seem to be a thing of the past, just like with Hollywood films these days too. The industry needs a shake up and new ideas

  7. thank you!!! All the games looked cool! So exited for the new cod. Although, the last couple minutes of the video the games got pretty dark

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