2022 is great for Video Games (so far) w YongYea, SkillUp & Jake Baldino

A discussion on how we feel about VIDEO GAMES in 2022, so far! YongYea: SkillUp: Jake Baldino: FIND ME HERE: Twitch: Twitch VOD channel: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: KOFI:

43 thoughts on “2022 is great for Video Games (so far) w YongYea, SkillUp & Jake Baldino

  1. Honestly you guys should do this more often!! You got great chemistry and every episode is super entertaining keep them coming!!

    1. This podcast was great. Everyone has a nice soothing voice. Easy to relax, put in my SoundCore Bluetooth earbuds and let the day melt away. Love ya Alanah

  2. Jeez this is like. The best group of people that I’d never think would get together for something like this. Fucking sick.

    1. Just imagined explaining “fucking sick” to a non native speakers, like my Chinese buddies at university.

      “Dump in the pants?” was a hell of a good time.

  3. A few days late because I caught most of this live but MAN is this the dream team of gaming podcasts. I love this group and could listen to y’all harp on about any games for like 6 hours. I imagine NONE of you good folk have anything close to that amount of time though so I digress lol. Great vid.

  4. Love how Alanah keeps these boys on topic so well… then you go to PWL and its just utter chaos from the jump 😂 the variety of your content is wonderful

    1. @🔥LITT🔥 I like her content yes, weird you’d even make an assumption other than that honestly. Not going to explain myself again on my usage of “boys” as endearment, but thank you for the walmart psych reading. Also, I’m in a wonderful relationship, are you possibly projecting a bit there?

    2. No need to belittle the men just because you like Alanah. Learn to formulate that better. Heck maybe even also in the dating market ?

  5. If Skill-Up isn’t wearing a bathing suit and paddling around his office in a blowup duck I’m flipping this table

    Edit: Wasn’t expecting anyone to read this bs comment lol
    Sincerely hope everything is going better for Ralph and the rest of the office 🙏

  6. Community Tips for Parrying:

    -The timing window generally opens as soon as the enemy’s hand starts making forward momentum towards you; Watch their arm, not the weapon.

    -Smaller shields give you a bigger window for timing. The buckler is the best.

    -You can parry while blocking. Small shields have a relatively “safe” window between a missed parry & blocking again.

  7. Listening to this reminds me of the 2013s till 2015s when I still listened to video game podcasts, especially the CO-Optional podcast with TotalBiscuit, Jesse Cox, and Dodger. I didn’t have friends to talk deeply about video games with so I just enjoyed listening to these types of discussions. I used to get really excited waiting for new podcasts, especially if it featured content creators I liked.

    Stopped listening to them, didn’t have time, lost interest in them, stopped following the creators, some retired, TB passed away. I dunno, I just stopped listening at some point.

    Just had a strange surge of Nostalgia listening to this, especially since I know all the people featured and have great interest in the games they’re talking about. Might start listening to these type of podcasts again, especially if it’s on this channel.

    1. Everything about your comment is so spot on, especially it feeling a lot like the co-optional podcast, absolutely loved listening to that!

  8. These chats with this group are great content. Love listening to every one of them speak gaming. This is like the Justice League of my YouTube gaming content.

  9. God damn I fucking love this. Literally just cheesing with you guys. Love this energy! Keep up the great work, all of you.

  10. I got the Elden Ring platinum trophy today and realized that over 6% of players have already done so! That blew my mind. Without save-scumming, that’s at least three complete playthroughs.

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