15 BEST PS1 Games of All Time [2023 Edition]

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Approaching three decades since Sony entered the console market it’s easy to forget just how rich and diverse the PlayStation’s library was. It’s abundance of racing games, survival horrors, stealth-action, sports sims and beat ‘em ups ushered in a new era of 3D gaming, supported by a cast of iconic characters and mascots establishing themselves on the platform too.

It’s darn-near impossible to pick a top 15 best of list, but here are 15 none-the-less who’s legacy shines bright.



  1. Crash Team Racing was by far my favorite game as a kid, I was so sad when CTR Nitro Fuled died. I had the master wheels and everything😞

  2. although my brother bought me an N64 and i had a blast with games like goldeneye, super mario, killer instinct, zelda…the diversity of great titles on the ps1 could not be denied. Growing up in Africa as a kid, these consoles were true luxuries.

  3. I remember playing MGS in the same year as Ocarina of Time and trying to decide which title was the better one overall. And while I loved OoT, it wasn’t totally new, as it was a typical Zelda title, just now in 3D(still amazing). MGS was just something I had never experienced before, and really showed what was possible with the CD medium, just F’ing EPIC! I was so in to that game, that I would play up until the last possible second before I had to leave for work, so I wouldn’t be late. And the day I finished it, I actually think I was late, as I couldn’t pause the ending, and I wasn’t about turn it off, so I had to wait for it to end. One of my best gaming memories of any console, and for sure #1 on PS1.

  4. My top 10 for PS1 were (1) Metal Gear Solid (2) Syphon Filter 2 (3) Castlevania SotN (4) Medievil (5) Jersey Devil (6) Dino Crisis 1 (7) Klonoa (8) Silent Hill (9) Jackie Chan Stuntmaster (10) Crash Bandicoot 3

  5. They made a top Playstation 1 games list without putting Symphony of the Night anywhere 🤣🤣. I’ve never seen this before.

  6. Always felt I was in the minority thinking Cortex Strikes Back was the best original PSX crash game. Glad to hear gaming bolt agree.

  7. Pretty good list overall. I’d swap out some of these for Castlevania: SotN, Strider 2, and Frogger: He’s Back.
    Honorable mentions: RC de GO, Future Cop: LAPD, and Shipwreckers / Overboard.

  8. Silent hill, resident evil, tomb raider, Worms, crash bandicoot, metal gear solid, Abe’s ordworld, kula world, dino crisis, final fantasy 7, gta, tony hawk, alone in the dark, c&c, and micro machine is my absolute favorite’s and I’m still playing them 26 years later on my
    PS Vita 🤘😎

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