11 More Video Games You Won’t Believe Are In Development

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Crysis 4? The Last of Us Remake? Metal Gear Solid 6?!

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  1. I believe outbreak was a pretty solid idea limited by technology, I’d pay to play better versions of those since I have the originals.

  2. I’ve been wanting a new Splinter Cell for so damn long. Blacklist was great but I love all Splinter Cell games. Hope to God it slaps like all the others did for me.

  3. Good remake of Splinter Cell woul be absolutely awesome! I enjoyed first games back in days but updating graphics of those would be just awesome!

  4. I’m honestly surprised Mega Man X9 isn’t on here. I get that the game itself wasn’t mentioned by name, but Capcom DID say they had, “Several Mega Man games currently in development,” following the success of the various collections & Mega Man 11.

  5. I am confused by anyone being excited about MGS6. MGS5 was great but was cut short, without us even getting the last mission. To my understanding, this was because Konami wanted the game released when Kojima kept wanting more time and $. Seems like the main person who wanted us to get the entire game instead of a partially finished game is now gone. MG Survive was a crappy buggy mess that was rushed out to capitalize on the MGS name. I dunno who is trusting that Konami will actually give us a good gaming experience, but I’m begging them to wake up and remember the last 2 games. They’ve proven with those last 2 games that they don’t care about our experience as gamers, nor about the messaging of the game’s creator. So since they don’t care about the customers, nor about the artists/their workers, why would one think they’re going to suddenly change in an era where companies have only become more greedy about profit margins?

    • @James Harrickey I’ve not played Ghost Babel but I LOVED Portable Ops, and that’s a great example of how great an MGS game can still be even without Kojima.

    • @MrEffectfilms I’ve also heard this. I think people give Kojima just a little too much credit. And there were good games in the franchise that he wasn’t a part of. I am unfortunately not talking from experience because I haven’t played them, but I’ve heard Ghost Babel, and Portable Ops are really good. I don’t think he worked on those ones at all. Some regard Ghost Babel as one of the best ones I think too.

    • @ChickenRieder I’m not sure, as I understand it he actually had a co writer who’s name I can’t remember that left the team after Snake Eater, and a lot of fans credit him with keeping Kojima craziness in check. Notice how every game after Snake Eater was received well at first but over time became polarizing.

    • @MrEffectfilms sounds like they would probably turn it into an action shooter, Uncharted or something not too solid. Kojima’s vision is what’s mostly responsible for the goodness of MGS I think.

  6. I loved RE4, but if there’s one Resident Evil game that needs a serious reimagining because it has a lot of great ideas but iffy execution, it’s Code Veronica.

  7. We need a open world Robocop game set after the third film either a few years or many years after. A Open world Judge Dredd game would be awesome aswell.

    • I bought Alan Wake on release in 2010 and loved it straight away. I downloaded Alan Wake’s American Nightmare too because I was dying for a sequel but that short, little game wasn’t very good and didn’t do the original title justice. I don’t think it was ever meant to be a sequel though, just a strange little adventure for the fans

    • I’m excited too, but I’d played originally in the 360 back in 2012. I haven’t gotten to play the remaster, but I really want to play this new game

  8. I won’t be hopeful of Metal Gear Solid 6 without kojima. After that one metal gear entry we don’t talk about that was released without kojima, I have no faith in Konami to make a good Metal Gear game. But if Konami would sell the franchise to a better publisher (looking at u Sony) then okay I’m happy

    • @Bazz Kojima up until end of Mission 31. The rest of the game repeated missions and the mess of the ending was all down to Konami.

    • @Bazz MGS 5 story was half-finished that that was, at most 50% Kojima and 50% Komani and then there is Metal Gear “pay for extra save slot” survive, which proved to many fans the split of the blame probably wasn’t 50-50 to begin with.

    • @Bazz it was but it did some stuff I thought was amazing the fact that the boss you play as is actually a medic so when you think you killed Big Boss on metal gear 1 it would actually make sense as to how big boss didn’t die till you kill the real big boss in metal gear 2 until you find out he’s not dead in mgs4

  9. Not sure how I feel about MGS6 man, especially without a Mr Kojima! I mean 5 will be the last for me and it’s a shame as it’s always been one of my favourite titles! ☹️

    • For the next one to stack up. I’m not w kojima fanboy but I do recognize and respect his skill. Here’s hoping all you “real metal gear fans” boycott the game when it comes out a show Konami that we have the real power, not the corporations

    • @EL TRAPO I even refused to play it when it was on game pass, supposedly the devs get some of the profit when people play their games on game pass…they got no money from me.

    • @-DFH- if they did it right it could be fun to play as solid infiltrating outer heaven thinking big boss is on our side and in the end it’s actually venom snake for a boss battle and they reveal the real outer heaven with the real big boss for a sequel basically just redo the msx games on console call it mgs interlude 1 and 2 or something.. I’d call off work for that😂 venom belongs in the canon might as well embrace him now man.. shoot or on the flip side make the game about tryna make solids life a living hell in outer heaven and he keeps progressing until you have to fight him.. and you die by stinger missile the way it was written in the mgs bible

    • @-DFH- it ties up a few loose ends. It definitely has everything to do with metal gear lore, doesn’t really change anything but distorts a lot of what we thought we knew. I adored mgs5 personally. Until you get to the portions that didn’t involve Kojima. Then it’s just mission repeating.

  10. I never really got into Metal Gear, but I know how iconic the franchise. Looking at Konami’s track record over the past several years….I’m not sure they can pull it off.

    • @V Vendetta Fanatism is bad. How do you know it isn’t possible? let new blood give it a try. He innovated every single time? no kid, he is one of the best examples of autoplagiarism, and he’s basically made the same game since Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, only with better technology. Geez, you can find the same recycled ideas in Policenauts and Snatcher. The last MGS was bad yes, but Kenji Saito and Etsu Tamari did a great job with Metal Gear Rising. Fans that say this are wrong, Kojima has made great stuff, but he has made garbage too. For example, when it comes to writing, come on dude, he’s not that different from the japanese writers behind other games (like Chrono Cross, Xenogears…) and tons of anime (like Evangelion…) that are based on larger than life ridiculous characters in convoluted stories riddled with plot holes.

    • @duhmzdaih you just can’t make a good mgs game without him. Kojima innovated the industry and the series every single time so much so that he couldn’t even put a decent amount of his ideas in them. No one thinks like kojima… no one and that’s why fans say this every time.

  11. Yes, I won’t believe a 6th Metal Gear game is coming out, since 5 wasn’t even finished.
    And judging by their recent choices, they’ll probably charge you for unlocking weapons, what Drebin did in 4.

  12. Wasn’t the point of more fluid combat in The Last of Us 2 to demonstrate the differences between Joel and Ellie. As a matter of fact, I thought the Abby part was the stiffest the gameplay had ever been.

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