10 Worst Ways To Die In Video Games

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33 thoughts on “10 Worst Ways To Die In Video Games

    1. @Birb with some bread I like how in GoW 3 he made it a point to finish some of his foes with his bare hands.. like literally put away his blades and just angrily beat and mangle the guy to death..poor Poseidon..

  1. Technically speaking Mornith didn’t steal your life force like a succubus its more her condition makes it so the asari telepathic bond during intercourse overloads the partner’s neural system, which basically causes heart attack, stroke, and brain aneurism at once.

  2. I’m surprised resident evil didn’t make it on this list. The morbid death screen was really became a thing when og resident evil came out. One of the funniest ways to die in more recent resident evil games would be getting hit by the crane during the 2nd Birkin fight in resident evil 2 remake. Or when u get gobbled up by del Lago when u shoot the water in resident evil 4.

  3. Yes. There are a lot. Least you didn’t include any falling into the abyss deaths. Pac-Man has the worst death animation, cause he’s ripped inside out forcibly while possessed by a ghost and then explodes…

  4. Being extra careful trying not to die and getting killed from being too reserved is the worst to me, always have so many souls in my possession when it happens

  5. I got to tell you the only time number six ever happened to me was on purpose because I wanted to know what so many people were complaining about because it never happened to me before.

  6. I once accidentally stumbled into a playthrough for a very niche very gory horror game, and after seeing the deaths in that I can say with certainty that these are ‘tame’ in comparison.
    But still pretty brutal so I’ll give you that.
    Shame I can’t remember the name of the game…

  7. What about the collector from darkest dungeon? Once he kills you, he tears your head out with a bit of spine still attached and forced to fight for him in the rare event that he finds a party of naive adventurers.

    1. DS2 injection death is the most genius death in all history of games, because a simple fact: you are fighting Isaac itself.

  8. Accidentally dropping a care package on your head in Call of Duty is still one of the funniest ways to die IMO xD

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