10 WORST Open World Video Games Of All Time

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40 thoughts on “10 WORST Open World Video Games Of All Time

  1. Saints Row does not deserve being on the list. Gat out of hell was a DLC. A stand-alone DLC, but still DLC. It was short, sure. But most non-MMO DLC expansions are.

  2. The problem with Gat Out Of Hell was that the main campaign was just too short. The additional content hinted at what could have been done but even for a DLC, the main story felt too short (which to be fair, they made fun of).

  3. The game itself isn’t bad, but as far as squandering its open world and what should have been an amazing experience, LA Noire was bafflingly weak. Rockstar poured a lot of time, money and effort to painstakingly build early-50s Hollywood and just had the player drive through it… very, very carefully. The side missions/cases could have taken it to the next level (no pun intended) but they were so few and far between it was pointless. I figured Rockstar would have at least done their usual routine by letting the player continue to explore after the story was over, but no. Not that there would’ve been any real reason to anyway…

  4. Hey I’m at Saints Row fan till death but in all honesty, Gat out of hell was more of an expansion to 4, not its own game, it was basically Saints Row 4 but in hell and not as your boss character

  5. Gat Out of Hell does not belong on this list at all. It was inferior to SR4, for sure. Its campaign was too short, and not as lively as its predecessors. And you couldn’t play as your previous Boss. So it has its flaws, but it’s nowhere near “one of the worst open world games ever made.”

    1. @Paul Clynes This is a big problem with 4 and 5, really. They want to have these characters and storylines that feel mature and weighty and emotional, and they want the cars to handle more realistically (which, incidentally, makes the game LESS FUN), but then they also want to set that in a world that contains stuff like Republican Space Rangers or an internet cafe called TW@ or the aforementioned casual nuke theft. They’ve got a bit of tonal inconsistency, you might say. Saints Row might be completely absurd and impossible to take seriously, but at least it commits to that tone from start to finish.

    2. Not to mention referring to GTA V as mature and self-serious.

      That same GTA V where you just casually steal a nuke or an overweight alcoholic smoker rappels down a government agency’s tower block then bursts through the window to grab a bloke and 2 main characters have the ability to slow down time.

  6. I remember being more excited for Superman Returns than any game i had ever played before that….my disappointment was immeasurable after playing that 🙁

  7. I rather enjoyed both Risen 2 and Risen 3 (though I think 2 is better, I thought 3 had some good ideas and interesting lore)

  8. To be fair saints row get out of hell is a lot of fun and the ending is open end of where they can take it and two world’s is a lot of fun with magic, and building your character your way.

    1. If you enjoy and play it for what it is at face value it’s a fun game overall I think, nothing major nothing new but still fun to pick up and play.

  9. I’m surprised True Crime Streets of LA wasn’t mentioned.

    I enjoy the mission system it has, and even the cheesy, but actually interesting branching story it has, with nice fighting mechanics, stealth sections, RPG like upgrades for your shooting, driving and fighting skills. All that was really interesting… except for the open world portion of it. It was in size a 1:1 recreation of LA at the time, but the map was so big, and buildings were so repetitive, you felt like you were driving through the same street all the time. The overly repeating NPC and car models didn’t help either.

    The radio music was actually cool, but the tracks would start the moment you hopped in into the car and then immediately end as soon as you stepped out of it (something you have to do often to solve crimes and whatnot), and when you jumped back in the car, the next random song would start from the beginning, so it was annoying listening to the beginning of the songs most of the time, rarely hearing them fully play.

    1. Ha I remember that game. I loved it but 100% agree on the map being same-y everywhere. They got a lot better with Streets of New York – one of my favourite games from back then.

  10. I remember when I first purchase Superman Returns, I said to my friend, what do I need to do to get past this first area level? and he replied, that’s the only level there is

  11. I was afraid that Road Trip aka Road Trip Adventure was on this list. compared to games released around the same time, such as GTA Vice City and Midnight club, it’s a cartoonish mess with one glaring, but easily exploitable glitch. but the game was super fun

  12. Sniper GW3 intro’d something Farcry 6 couldn’t even do with their climbing mechanic. Being able to parkour an entire hotel was a great moment in gaming. Also Driver 3 still had better car handling than any GTA

    1. @CometTamer I’m dead serious. The handling in Driver is far superior to the go-karts of gta. The cars had weight, and could slide into corners

    2. LMAO you joking right? Driv3r was such a mess that it had basically no car handling whatsoever. GTA might not be the best, but they’re DEFINITELY better than Driv3r.

    1. @Ryhanon but who says it has to start at Superman being at full power? It can go with the new 52 comic route. Have him start at low strength and have it build up overtime with a level up system. It is possible.

    2. @M. G. I think they avoid the character because it’s difficult to make Superman a compelling character to play as. Superman basically requires you to design a game around the player having god mode active at all times. Not only is that not compelling but it’s really not even fun for the player for very long.

    3. @Ryhanon it’s possible just watch this video. The main problem are the companies that avoid the character. They’re just obsessed with Batman and it’s annoying. Don’t give me wrong I like Batman but I’m sick of the whole brooding dark stuff lol 😆

  13. I think I almost bought the Risen games. Kinda glad I didn’t now. But, I played Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 for free (due to PS+, I think) and it was absolutely worth that price. Honestly, if you can get it for $10 or less, I think it’s fine.

    Also, TASM 2 I played for “free” or extremely cheap because I got it through GameFly or found it in a $3 bin or something and it was also worth that lol.

  14. I liked the Risen games and the other games by that company. I’ve heard their games called eurojank, but it’s a kind of charming jank.

    I seriously don’t know why I like them, though. I couldn’t name any objectively good aspect of their games. I can just say that I always like them

  15. The biggest problem with Superman Returns was you couldn’t stop and explore. Metropolis was always in danger. Every few seconds there’s something new. They game wouldn’t even let you finish what you were doing. Before the next problem started up.

    1. I agree with you about the game but the funny thing is that is what it would be like for Super with his super senses. There really would be constant things to respond to and he has to ignore some just to live life.

    2. And I can guarantee you that actual comic-book (or movie in this case) Supes had plenty of downtime between dealing with city-destroying aliens. How else could he hang out at the fortress of Solitude or woo Lois Lane? Heck, how else could he keep up with his job as a reporter?

      Crap, those three things give plenty of good ideas for an open-world Superman game themselves. They’d at least add some gameplay and mission variety.

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