10 Video Games That Might Suck in 2022

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We hope these 2022 games don't suck, but they do have us a little worried. For this list, we're looking at games releasing next year that you might want to wait until the reviews are in for before picking them up. Our countdown includes "A Quiet Place" (2022), "Marvel's Midnight Suns" (2022), "The Lord of the Rings: Gollum" (2022), and more! Which 2022 releases are you worried about? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Another game that might be problematic is Kirby and The Forgotten Land.

    The Good thing is that it’s finally the first 3D Kirby game of the series.

    The bad thing is wondering if the game would finally change its gameplay to be a bit challenging or would it still be stuck on its easy difficulty setting that almost every Kirby game is known for over the years.

  2. I highly doubt Bayonetta 3 will suck. It might not bring a lot of new fans in because Bayo just isn’t that popular of a franchise despite being really good. I have a feeling it’ll be a great game.

  3. The feedback on Wonderlands announcement was overwhelming, positive. Also, as longtime fan of Borderlands, I’m really looking forward to this. Highly doubt its going to suck.

    • Same. And I would have agreed with it. Sonic Team misses more than they hit sadly.

      Though to be fair, they probably didn’t have it on the list because the game still hasn’t been shown off yet. All we got was a teaser that barely showed anything.

  4. According to IMDB Avatar 2 is set to release next year in December so having a new Avatar game next year makes sense if it’s to drum up excitement for the series again.

  5. I’m lest concerned with tinas wonderland being a sci-fi fantasy setting and more concerned with the idea of character creation in borderlands. I can understand why they would do it in a game set in a bl version of dungeons and dragons but I’m hoping they don’t make it the norm in future games.

  6. “The Pre-sequel is pretty much the best in the series”
    I am convinced that this video is just a test on the removal of dislike numbers.

    • “Admittedly, the Borderlands spin-offs have a good track record; the Pre-Sequel is perhaps the best in the series…”

      Please quote us correctly the next time you want to criticize.

    • i think it will be good but i do see concern. Though i counter with is the announced in 2017 but really they did not have most the devs on it as they were working on Astral Chain meaning that they really only started when that game came out. Now the series has not sold well but the second game was on the wii u and while it did get a switch port it was very early on (though the original game was multi-plat). The switch does has a sales effect that cannot be ignored though and i think it will translate over.

  7. Are you insane by making this pessimistic list?!

    Besides several of these games you’re listing might turn out in being very excellent games.

    • @JT Parra the issue is that a lot of the games they picked they didn’t have any actual reasons why they think the games will suck, just them comparing the game to other games or one of the reasons was because development is taking a long time, I mean sure they picked some that should actually be here like the Diablo mobile game but then they put Bayonetta 3 and S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2 on this which they really did not point out any actually good reasons and then they put GTA 5 which makes me think this was a big joke

  8. What an awful reasons to put Bayonetta 3 on this list. You guys need to understand that if a game never had a release date, it were never delayed to begin with.

  9. I have a friend who worked on Outlast Trials and he confirmed to me the game won’t be in VR. Unless they decided to include it during development, pretty sure it’s NOT mandatory like how RE 7 included the option to play VR-less.

  10. I disagree with your assessment of Tiny Tina’s Wonderland 😡 it looks amazing! And should be way better than Borderlands 3 which let’s be honest kind of sucked

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