10 OVER THE TOP Missions in Video Games

Many video game missions and moments push the line, but few truly go over the top. Here are some of our favorite big video game moments. Subscribe for more: 0:00 Intro 0:16 Uncharted 3 - Stowaway 2:31 Doom Eternal - Mars Core 4:14 Marvel's Spider-man - Straw, Meet Camel 5:31 Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 - Cordis Die 7:05 Gears of War 2 - Intestinal Fortitude 8:19 Saints Row: The Third - STAG Film 9:58 Titanfall 2 - The Ark 11:38 Grand Theft Auto 5 - Minor Turbulence 12:53 Wolfenstein 2 - VENUS 14:25 Guardians of the Galaxy - Into the Fire

71 thoughts on “10 OVER THE TOP Missions in Video Games

  1. Modern Warfare 3’s Hunter Killer mission is pretty wild. Use scuba gear to plant an explosive on a submarine, get in the submarine and fight your way to the bridge, target the whole Russian fleet with the anti-ship missiles on board, and then zodiac out while the whole fleet is exploding around you. All of MW3’s campaign is nutty but that mission is insane

  2. MW2019’s house raid mission is probably my all time favorite.
    The immersion is really on the spot.
    Shows what modern gaming can do

  3. Gotta say that I enjoy Gameranx Top 10 lists more than any other channels, Falcons just the best for these kinda videos, keep up the amazing work guys 😜🤟

    1. @Jason Combs dude that sucks no offense but maybe her ex lovers sound like falcon and Jules… how can you hate Jules he is spreading positive Vibes For all gamers

    2. My mom hates falcons voice and always says something about it whenever she hears it despite not processing any of the actual words. I totally agree with you that he’s the best , although Jules from what culture is close

  4. The infamous ‘All Ghillied Up’ mission is still my favorite. It has the right amount of action combined with thrill and filled with nervousness about being caught. I know it’s old but it still I love it..

    1. @ClasyCreeper02 Everything about those old cod games was so great. Wish they made cod like that again. Story mode was awesome back then. I mean I still play vanguard and cold war just coz I am a cod fan boy but I don’t get the same level of excitement and thrill as in the older games….

  5. I would to see a Top 10 over the top CoD missions. I’ve played and beat every CoD to date on veteran and it would be a nice bit nostalgia to see those crazy missions again.

    1. Definitely. Like they said, u could easily fill up a top 10 or even 20 with awesome cod missions, the campaigns in CoD4 to BO2 were great, shame they kinda dropped in quality after that. Recent ones like CW was kinda cool tho, especially the KGB mission

    1. @MG aka Med Man 4 may not have had the best set pieces, however the game did an absolutely phenomenal job with its characters and storytelling. I think that’s more of what they were going for in the 4th one.

    2. Too bad is the only cool moment in the entire game. Uncharted 4 is inferior to U2, even U3 when it comes to set pieces.

  6. The “The Force Unleashed” games have some cool set pieces, but to me, the mission where you use the Force to crash a Star Destroyer takes the cake and could be on the list

    1. @J Jaden the controller movements never seemed to match the on screen prompts, the tie fighters coming in every 30 seconds to interrupt, and it took so long that it made it feel like more of a chore than an awesome moment. Maybe I’m just terrible at videogames ✌🤙❤

    2. @Leon Prowse don’t worry you can always get better,tbh it was meant to feel like a very extensive process since that’s one of the best on screen feats from any Jedi/sith

    3. @Leon Prowse tbf i totally agree, I have a distinct memory of that mission and that is how long it took me to complete it. Still very cool to see though, even for an old game.

  7. I enjoyed the Inclusion of gameplay with pauses in the dialogue. Would love more of that since it creates more focus on the game.

  8. The final level of halo 3 will forever be one of the wildest levels. My best friend and I played the entire campaign coop in a night and boy hitting that last mission, sleep deprived driving the warthog as the platform is exploding all around, launching into space and crashing into the hanger of your ship- so awesome!

    1. There is just something about being sleep-deprived, with your best friend, and playing a game like COD or gta or gears of war and beating the game in one night

  9. I love the Doom Eternal Mars Core mission myself and the fact that before you teleporting to the facility that holds the BFG 10000, Samuel Hayden literally says “you can’t just shoot a hole into the surface of mars” then the objective updates to “shoot a hole in mars”
    It’s almost comical and awesome

  10. Farcry 3, the weed farm burning mission always sticks in my mind as one of the greatest.
    Skrillex, weed, flamethrower, perfection.

    1. Congrats you have being selected among out shortlisted winner’s Contact the number above 🎊🎉🎊👆👆👆👆.

  11. I feel like several missions from the Just Cause series could have been contenders here.

    Maybe not for quality, but for being ridiculously over the top.

    1. I love Just Cause games man, they are the ultimate “start the game and see what kind of trouble I can get into” kind of games. Like with open world you got 3 types of games: the ones that push you down a mission/story like Mafia/Gta, the ones with a million side checklists to do like Ubisoft games and the truly sandbox games that let you mess around and create your own fun like Just Cause or Mercenaries or Saboteur

    2. Just Cause doesnt even need a mission to be over the top. Just clearing enemy bases and whatnot can already be included in this list.

  12. Arma 3’s mission Tipping Point. It starts off with you attacking the remaining AAF trying to defeat them, one last push. Everything is going well until enemy helicopters are spotted. Your whole “team” just gets completely annihilated and you are forced to retreat and escape the island. Just the over the top turn of events blew my mind when I first played

  13. Titanfall 2, a game where you could tell respawn wanted to give you a lightsaber and ask you to time travel into los santos and have a boss battle with blisk.

  14. the mission of finding jack in rdr2 is the highest peak. The scene, the gang enters the mansion, the opera is played… it’s really artistically invested. Rdr2 has very nice missions.

    1. ohhhh you talking about the mission at the mansion in lemoyne right? that was one of the best missions ive ever seen in any game period

  15. How can you not include Control’s Maze mission? The music, the effects, it’s one of the best well-crafted, original segments of video games history.

  16. Some of my favorite missions in a video game were from Battlefield: Hardline. Playing as a cop, deep in the heart of Miami. From the neighborhood barrios, to the Everglades, downtown Miami rooftops, luxury mansions, it was so much fun.

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