10 Best Video Games Nobody Bought
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  1. I have The Saboteur for the X360 sitting on my TV stand atm, and have a Brand New X360 i repurchased last year. Its my fourth one, gave others away to cousins. I bought to replay games that are not BC, and ended up buying alot of other games to replay or haven’t played

  2. You forgot Psi-Ops: The MindGate Conspiracy, amazing game that didn’t sell that well. Also for anyone who wants timestamps…
    0:55-Saboteur #10
    2:05-Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning #9
    3:20-The Surge #8
    4:30-Sunset Overdrive # 7
    5:43-Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem #6
    6:56-Okami #5
    8:13-Psychonauts #4
    9:24-Beyond Good And Evil # 3
    10:30-System Shock 2 # 2
    11:44-Earthbound #1

    1. The real MVP lol. but yes Psi-Ops was absolutely fantastic and I often wonder if WB owns the rights to it since they bought all of Midway’s assets. If you ain’t gonna make a sequel lemme at least get a remaster

    2. ​@Goon You should look into getting retroarch running on your series x, it is super simple and it will run PS2 games like a dream. It doesn’t directly emulate the OG xbox lol but PS2 version of Psi-Ops + Xbox controller = pretty good sub

    3. @Johnathan Rivera Oh Did they update them? When I tried it didn’t work for old original Xbox games don’t work. Xbox one games it works? Are you referring to a Xbox one games they work. Oh and thanks πŸ˜† I try to make it easier for people to find the game they want to see and psi ops rocks! πŸ˜ƒ i wonder the same about WB and psi ops.

      I have a friend told me about retro arch thats true it costs money right to buy that? I forget how much though.

  3. Agreed. I’ve played great games that were considered a commercial flop for one reason or another. I’ve also seen games that were big sellers that weren’t very good, and only did well because names attached to it(creator, actor, or whatever) or because it followed up a great game.

  4. El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron. The stained glass scene is one of the most “wow” moments I have ever experienced in over four decades of gaming.

    1. I have to get my hands on that game and add it to my collection it is a must have for me. πŸ˜πŸ˜Šβ€οΈβ€πŸ”₯✌🏻

  5. Okami left such a deep mark. It was like the perfect game for the perfect moment in my life. And it’s one of those memories of awe you get with the perfect video game that sticks with you forever! Like the first time beating Mother Brain playing Super Metroid as a kid. Playing SNES Final Fantasy 2 and 3 learning that games can have incredible moving stories that stand apart from any other forms. Sticking with Kingdom Hearts after a low expectation, half interested rental,then realizing it’s one of the greatest games ever made! Discovering Dark Souls for the first time, reaching that particular moment after trudging away for hours when it all finally “clicks” and you get what it’s all about!
    Damn it, I love video games

    1. Amazing game, just too damn difficult. These games make Dark Souls games look easy. I’m pretty sure that’s why it didn’t catch on. People kinda knew what to expect after the first game. Most people play games to escape reality and relieve their stress, not too many people are going to gravitate towards a game that’s literally designed to stress you out. πŸ˜’I know someone’s going to come on here and argue with me so I wanna emphasize NOT TOO MANY,

  6. Okami was my number one favourite game.

    I plan to play this on stream every year over my birthday month as it holds such a big place in my heart. I love the characters and story, it saved me back in high school πŸ™‚

    1. @DogSi Notpalc I had it after my spine operation when I was 14. Having that time off school was filled with this game (until the school actually fucking remembered they needed to send me work to do at home!) 🀣🀣

    2. @ZayneiMania Lol bastards! Jeez, spine surgery at 14!? I’m so sorry dude!! I’m glad you had Okami to (hopefully) help get you through it! That couldn’t have been easy

    3. @DogSi Notpalc Meh, it was needed otherwise I could have been in a wheelchair for the rest of my life (though if the surgery cocked up I could have also got stuck in a wheelchair) I get occasional issues with it and I did have to get a second op when I was 19 but it’s done now 😊

  7. Earthbound is still in my top 3 favorite games. I bought it in the huge box,and I still have the players guide somewhere. I only beat it maybe 3 times.. but the endless hours of just playing around in that game was priceless.

    1. The only problem I have with Saboteur is that it is impossible to play on PC otherwise I loved that game. I read that it has something to do with the game not being able to work on a processor with more than 4 cores. I then tried patches and it kinda worked but there were black areas all over the map textures and driving was impossible cause you’d step on the gas and the camera would spin around the car as it moved.
      Bulletstorm was badass too!

    2. @HazzMatt19 I ended up getting Saboteur on 360. I went to gamestop and asked for something with an AC kinda style and they recommended it to me. It was cheap used and I ended up loving it. And yes bulletstorm was amazing, still sad we never got the sequel

    1. Oh man yes it does, I have such a soft spot for that game. Such a good old school game. Remember Me is another game from that generation that fell below the level of expectation but I thought it was incredible

    2. Enslaved is one of my favorite games of all time. Great story, awesome gameplay and stunning visuals for that time.
      It deserves a remake so badly!

  8. I actually played more than half of these games. Especially Beyond good and Evil one of my faves. The first game I ever played on the PS2 and finished multiple times.

    1. These are some of the best games ever made. The concept, story, gameplay, graphics, combat mechanics, everything with these games is top tier, the reason they didn’t catch on is because PEOPLE CAN’T PLAY THEM. These games make Dark Souls look like a walk in the park. I’m almost certain that if there was an option to change the difficulty in those games they would’ve been MUCH more successful and we’d probably all be anticipating The Surge 3 right now

    2. @Stickman What I mostly enjoy in the surge is the industrial/sci fi theme, it’s refreshing to have another them in souls like once in a while.

      Deck13 did say they have a announcement soon today, so who know what’ll be, if it’s news on the game we know they are working on or a surge 3 news, it’s on their twitter.

      Always was an easy game for me, especially 2, the parry system is SO strong that it trivialize most of the game, but i’ve played a lot of souls like so might be the reason.

  9. It is awesome to see the same 10 games being talked about lol. Operation Darkness, Castlevania Curse of Darkness, etc. games are hidden gems that can never be dusted off

  10. Earthbound was one of the best games that I only ever played many years after its release. I wish I had played when it came out.

  11. Oh my GOD, Kingdoms of Amalur!!! It released in February 2012 and I bought that immediately, I remember that! The game is still awesome and I love playing it! I also vividly remember entering the Plains of Erathell for the first time and I *started* at how BEAUTIFUL the music was!!! Absolutely phenomenal. Big shoutout to the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra for the exceptional soundtrack in that game β™₯ AND THEN THERE’S OKAMI!!! Hnnnn <333 And you also featured Beyond Good & Evil!?!?!? INSANE. This video is pure nostalgia!! πŸ˜€

  12. Earthbound was one of a kind experience. That game had such a unique vibe, and oddly creepy at times. I haven’t played it since the 90s, but wow, was it great.

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