25 Best Xbox Series X|S Games [2023 Edition]

    Published on:

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    Our yearly ranking of the top Xbox games released for the Series X|S, based on aggregated critic and gamer reviews. For more Xbox Series S and Series X games, visit

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    1. This list is a reminder that I should switch to PC. Lack of good games, lack of good ideas, and lack of substance. The only games worth playing on the list is, Elden Ring, Dead Space, and Hogwarts Legacy. Hoping Diablo IV will be great, or I’m putting xbox in a box and then the basement. Furthermore, more games don’t last the test of time; not even a year in none will be played again.

    2. Redfall, Starfield, The Last Case of Benedict Fox, Fable, Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty and Perfect Dark will all feature on a future list. The Series X is going to shine so brightly over the next couple of years. 👌

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