15 INCREDIBLE NEW FPS Games Coming to XBOX and GAMEPASS in 2024!

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    15 INCREDIBLE NEW FPS Games Coming to XBOX and GAMEPASS in 2024!

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    1. Thanks Fletcher love your videos and fps games, especially ones coming to gamepass.😊😊

      But really, really looking forward to Killing Floor 3, Avowed, Clockwork Revolution and Stalker 2.

      Also my most wanted Indie game is Forgive Me Father 2, excited for 1.0 of that in late 2024 hopefully.

      • Glad to hear you’re enjoying the videos and I really appreciate the support💚🎮

        I have to say that is a great list of games! I can wait for avowed especially with obsidian at the helm!!

        Ooo I may have to look into that one!

      • @@Xbox_Nation definitely Avowed and Jones, I wonder about the next doom and Wolfenstein.

        Think we’ll see them on June 9?

    2. Sorry maybe I am being dumb but what “Toxic Commando” film, original or reboot, are you talking about?

      Everything I have seen or read seems to say this is an original IP, which is only inspired by 80s horror and action films in general.

      • It’s the John Carpenter IP so films like ghost from mars and escape from LA and they are very similar but this time it’s a brand new IP within the same sort of universe 🙂

        My slight mistake in the scripting as I meant to say new IP from John Carpenter. Sorry for the confusion:)

      • @@Xbox_NationYour video used phrases like “film and its reboot” and “set in the film’s universe” rather than general Carpenter films and their ilk, hence my comment.

      • @@Xbox_Nation No worries.

        Actually, since posting my comment, I have discovered that there actually is a Toxic Commando comic currently running. 👍😄👍

        So, as I think the game likes great fun, and is in my to buy list, I’ll have to get the comics to immerse myself in the world.

        Thanks for the great video! 👍😄👍

      • definitely agree! Yeah I have been following the team behind Instinction for a while and its shaping up to be a promising game!

    3. What do you think Xbox’s strategy is now? I’m afraid they are gonna go multiplatform which makes owning an Xbox useless. I’ve been a fan of Xbox for a a long time and I’m hoping they keep big exclusives but I’m very worried for the future of Xbox as of rn. I’m still excited for June 9th though.

      • Honestly they already came out and said that the series x is the last consol they make/: and I’ve been a massive fan of Xbox as well but absolutely love having both!;:😊

      • ​@erislumani305 they’ve never said this was the last console. They’ve literally said the opposite that they are working on a new console for a 2026 release.

      • Well the thing is, as much as I love my Xbox series X you guys are not buying the console but instead the PS5. It makes no sense logically, since Xbox has more power and has a massive library. But it’s been like this forever. What else are they supposed to do. Go bankrupt and cause another fake online backlash? Yeah, no.

    4. Anyone complaining about Xbox gamepass games check yourself we are very lucky. I’m so happy with it and these games look fricking awesome

    5. Wasnt G2A in the news once or several times for stolen keys ? All developers not authorizing the sales of keys from the site ,not reciving a penny ?

    6. Time to jump ship and get a PC. The future of xbox, or lack thereof, is a justifiable reason to shell out some coin for a setup

    7. I just hope that the future Xbox will have all input access to the game because theres an Input device matchmaking now, I prefer using my Series X to avenge all consoles to play Multiplayer with PC on mouse & keyboard. I love Xbox to be my home not PC.

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