Top 10 Worst Video Games of 2021

These games were undoubtedly the worst to release this past year. We saw plenty of fantastic titles throughout 2021, but as with every year, there’s a handful that ought to be avoided. Our countdown includes "Destruction All-Stars" (2021), "Balan Wonderworld" (2021), "Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Earthblood" (2021), "Taxi Chaos" (2021), and more! Did you play any of these terrible games? Share your shame with us in the comments below. Promise we won’t judge! Watch more great gaming videos here: Top 10 Horror Games That Ruined Our Childhood: Top 10 Times Video Games Actually Saved Lives: Top 10 PlayStation 2 Games That Are Still Worth Playing Today: Have Your Idea Become A Video! Subscribe for more great content! Visit WatchMojo Club for Great Deals! Your trusted authority for Top 10 lists, reviews, tips and tricks, biographies, origins, and entertainment news on Film, TV, Video Games, Comics, Celeb, Music and Superheroes. #2021 #Gaming #VideoGames #CrashBandicoot #Pokemon #Worst #HarvestMoon

70 thoughts on “Top 10 Worst Video Games of 2021

  1. The fact that there was only one dishonorable mention, and the only complaint about the #10 spot is repetitive dialogue goes to show that 2021 was a pretty alright year for video games

  2. Efootball was tragic for us PES Gamers as they Killed the PES Franchise and Brought something new that seemed like it was straight out of a Horror movie. The build was a very early one and was filled with Glitches and what not. And it became the Lowest rated game in the history of steam 😅

    1. @SirStoneyOfBow efootball pes 2021 Modded versions looks like pure love my friend, guess modders can make games better than the original developers…the new GTA Trilogy is a perfect example

    2. PES 5/6 were near perfection with graphics, gameplay, physics and difficulty level. RIP PES, you’ll be missed….i just can’t get on with how Fifa plays 😒

    3. @Luke Gregory FIFA has gone downhill after 14 for me and hasn’t been the same as all they do is add more exclusive licenses and expand FUT also this Volta rubbish that nobody cares about at all!!

  3. The game developers who made Werewolf the Apocalypse: Earthblood must’ve spent 85% of their budget on the trailers and the intro. Seriously when our we going to get a great werewolf game with awesome graphics, gameplay and story. Werewolf games are such an underrated video game theme.

    1. @ZKOnExPo we are talking about games where the werewolf is the protagonist. In RE Village they are just a replacement for zombies, and don’t look werewolfy at all

    2. @Nate Newman Same here. Played it, had a blast. People seem to fail to realize that the game wasn’t meant for newcomers that wanted a regular werewolf game, but for fans of the TTRPG, Werewolf the Apocalypse. Even though it wasn’t the worst game this year, it was pretty average and they did amazing on the Lupus and Crinos models and the sound track.

    3. @Anthony Mendoza Sonic Unleashed is the best videogame in the series. Yes I like the werehog sections, even though it has its flaws and the demanding collectibles to progress, it’s still one of the most gorgeous looking games of its time

  4. Didn’t think WatchMojo counted mobile games like Crash: On The Run, but I can’t disagree.

    The game was fine at the beginning, but as is typical with most mobile games, the further you go, the harder it is to progress. The microtransactions are a joke, the clan system is incredibly flawed, as is the Survival Run feature, which when it didn’t forcefully crash and actually allowed to have a decent performance, allowed you to bank up steps which you could put towards your clan’s rank for each season, so some clans could be active and sitting in 8th and playing to boost their rank, while another clan could be in first, all because people had banked steps which they’d held onto from the prior season.

    The seasons started out great with characters like Oxide, the female N. Tropy from Crash 4, a crossover with Spyro, the long-forgotten Mr. Crumb and more, but as each season came up, it became harder to care. It was collect resources, build materials, fight one miniboss, rinse and repeat until you faced the main boss. And a lot of the time some of the bosses were characters you probably faced early on just getting recycled over and over.

    What started out with such promise, became a game you just played on the toilet, and then forgot you had it on your phone because you switched off the incessant notifications.

  5. I was about to politely disagree with you about Pokemon Unite, particularly if you made any cases about it as a MOBA….but no, you are actually correct about the not so great grind and monetisation systems. I admit I have spent money on the game, but mostly for the battle passes and buying one or two pokemon I used during their free periods and really enjoyed. And as much as I adore the checkered sylveon outfit…yeah. Not happening, folks.

    1. The grind for items and upgrades is not so bad, but it takes months of intense grind every week to get all the characters. You also get a little edge if you have your items be level 30 instead of the usual 20, which takes and insane amount of grinding. I would be ok with the pay to skip if the game didn’t also have a battle pass that isn’t self sustainable and $40 skins that in any other game would be worth $5.
      Matchmaking is also completely broken, and since last patch me and a lot of people are having 60 more ms of ping than we used to have.

    2. @heymoona
      I quit after seeing that I missed two days in the battle pass and realized I wouldn’t be able to get to the end because of “use garchomp, like 3 play ranked with friends missions when I mostly solo queue.

  6. That Popeye game is a perfect example of someone doing something because they can without thinking whether they should. Was the original arcade game even that popular (slightly…only slightly before my time)?

    1. In the words of Dr. Ian Malcolm, “Your scientists are so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think that they should…”

    1. Yeah. People immediately obliterate games if it’s even the slightest bit glitchy. Even after the devs fix the game, people still treat it as it was before the patch

  7. It’s a pretty niche market so I’m not surprised it didn’t make the list, but the recently released NASCAR 21 Ignition is really and truly one of the worst racing games ever put out, strongly challenging Big Rigs: Over The Road Racing for the throne.

  8. I’m assuming the Madden franchise just has permanent residency in the Hall of Shame at this point so as not to take up a spot on this list every year.

    1. Honestly, the list would be at least half filled with EA and Activision games every single year. For every right they make the do 3 wrongs.

  9. Pokémon Unite is definitely one that can be argued both ways. The gameplay is solid, but the monetization is a joke. Ten minute matches that are a great “intro to MOBAs” to casual audiences, but you want $40 for the extra special hologear? The game is “pay to win,” when the game itself gives you so much resources that anyone who wants to actually take this seriously already maxed out their items just by playing.

    Not perfect, but not bad. Understandable that it was seen as “a bad game in 2021,” but considering what we got this year, 9 is a fair spot to put it. That and the game is still growing, so we’ll see what the future holds for it.

    1. I was one of those idiots who spent too much money maxing out my items when it first came out, because I had a ton of Nintendo eshop cards lying around. Only to realize that there are truly only a couple must-have items to actually do ok, but overall your skill will outdo any money you spend.

      It can still be a fun game without spending money, but it still needs some match making tweaks. Non-ranked play seems to be more fun anyways. I don’t think it should have ended up on this list, as it’s still only 5 months old as well. It’s got time to grow

  10. Werewolf: The Apocalypse-Earthblood may have seemed like a cool idea on paper but they actually had a game kind of like that called Altered Beast for Sega back in 1988 that was better

    1. The reason why WtAE was so disappointing was because the Nacon decided to blow the budget on the trailers. I still enjoyed the game for what it had going for it, but ultimately it was a huge downgrade for what the trailers showed us

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