Top 10 Great FNAF Fan Games
Top 10 Great FNAF Fan Games Subscribe To Top 10 Gaming: Subscribe To Minecraft Nightmare: Follow us on Facebook: Subscribe to Top 10 Gaming ELITE: ⚠️CLICK HERE FOR THE LATEST VIDEO!: ⚠️ You know what, with your favourite Fazbear fanverse initiative on the horizon we might as well bring you some more of your favourite fan games right? You're goddamn right. Today we're talking some games that while they may not be the most horrifying, will definitely entertain you and provide a good bit of fun for you on those lazy sunday afternoons. So those fan games are what we're exploring in today's top ten list of the Top 10 Great FNAF Fan Games. Let's do it right here on Top 10 Gaming! #fnaf #securitybreach #williamafton #springtrap #michaelafton #foxybro #vanny #cryingchild #gregory #fnaf4 #fnafsl #sisterlocation #fazbearfrights #fivenightsatfreddys #fnafsong #fnafglitch #scary #horror #top10 #top10gaming #gametheory #matpat #markiplier #dawko PRODUCER: Landon Dowlatsingh- Hosted By: Connor Munro: Edited By: May:


  1. A FNAF multiverse in multiverses the same things happen with small changes or big changes like fan game so FNAF is earth one and all the mutiverses come after that so games more similar and earths more near earth 1 and more different ones are further away and all of the games have killer animatronics and have a William Afton or Scott in some way so this would be a way to connect all of the FNAF games so in conclusion FNAF, all of the cannon and uncannon FNAF games by Scott games and fan games are all a MULTIVESE. my case rest

  2. I’ve never liked one night at flumpty’s that much. Only because theres that clown and i have coulrophobia. So after discovering that i promised myself to never even try to think of that game

  3. Connor you’re the best YouTuber in the entire universe and you’re the most handsome YouTuber of all time no homo

  4. The Joy of Creation will forever be my favorite fan game besides Final Nights 3. They sheer dread in each environment is chilling and the ending still gives me goosebumps

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