Most OVERRATED Video Games Of 2022!

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    Most OVERRATED Video Games Of 2022!

    Welcome back to Gamers Hype, today on the channel we are going to check out the Most current overrated video games. Even in a year where we were lucky to get any games that turned more than a few heads at once, there are always those titles gamers agree over time were recommended a bit too much. The games that as the following months trickled out and that launch hype died off altogether, were left being analyzed and considered in a way that actually highlights more flaws than confirmations. It truly is hard to make something that stands the test of time when so many ancillary factors are forcing developers to cash in on trends or attempt to make as much money as possible in a shorter launch window, but that's entirely the point: How much are the following games deserving of their high scores, and which falter when put under the microscope? Obviously, none of the following games are bad – far from it – only that they're worth another look when we're talking about the absolute best 2021 has to offer.

    Deathloop. Even now, months after launch when Deathloop dropped to a host of perfect and near-perfect scores, I don't see it. Arkane's wannabe sandbox murder sim gives you four main areas – split across a single day's timeframe – where you need to take down 8 different targets across as many timeloops as you need, until they're all slaughter-able in one go. It's advertised and championed as something where you'll slowly move the pieces into place, Hitman-style, for that one final, glorious kill-chain. However, playing Deathloop feels clunky as hell in almost every way. Once you're out a ludicrously elongated tutorial, it's practically "Bells & Whistles: The Game", distracting you from the fact you're simply loading into an area, going to a place and holding a button or killing one person, with an abundance of menu systems, crafting options and supposed customisation that ultimately barely factors in. Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl. With Diamond & Pearl, Nintendo have officially overused a specific "game feel" that's been creaking and showing its age for over a decade now. Hell, even back in the late 90s we were sick of buttoning through individual lines of text when in combat, teaching our pokemon moves in that "1… 2… poof!"-type way or just slugging through menus. Ultimately though, Pokémon was a formula that sold, and sold ludicrously well, so where's the impetus to change?
    Well, come Sword & Shield – the eighth generation of twin-games, no less, not counting additional re-releases over the years – and people had had enough. Having the franchise debut on Switch – yet still having largely the same pace as something from the original Game Boy – felt like the last straw. Stay tuned for more on the Most current overrated video games.

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