NCAA Football Video Game Latest News Revealed!
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    1. I’m just expecting Madden gameplay and animations with a college coat of paint on it. EA has shown over the past 10 years they will cut corners and just release the same game year after year. I hope I am wrong, but I just have no reason to trust them in this. They will probably just try to sell it off the fact that its a new college football game and that’s it

    2. You can bet it’s going to feel like madden atleast the first game. I would assume there going to use the same game engine and other technologies that madden uses. They can’t build everything from the ground up in only 2 years of development time.

  1. bring back the 25 toughest places to play..where the stadium used to shake and u couldnt audible

    1. @WDN4L I agree 100% legitimate transfers and adding other divisions in ncaa would absolutely make the game more competitive/realistic
      Imagine them hard Alabama fans losing to Jackson state🙏😭

    2. @The Supervisor facts. But the hype surrounding 14 was different. All those electrifying players that year was damn near top tier.

  2. I think the big thing for this game is making sure it feels different than Madden. It can’t play like the same game.

    1. @JalenSOSmooth bro I still play ncaa14 on pc and so much have changed from then til now like the playoffs ,all the transfers, and even they way NIL affects recruiting…I just want a new college football game with up to date features idc if it plays like madden at the moment just give me my AUBURN TIGERS and let me build em up

    2. @Kongo Zo I know, they’ve got to find a way to continue that. NCAA always played better than Madden to me, it’s got to play different or it’s going to feel like the exact same game with college teams

    1. @Matt92 Machine that’s true but we missed playing with great college players from the pass 9 years like Lamar Jackson, Kyle Murray, Dalvin Cook, etc

    2. @The Supervisor What you mean? They weren’t in those college football video games unless if you’re talking about when they were high school players because those ncaa football video games does have high school features like the ’14 one?

  3. They need to really focus on attention to detail…it’s the small things something simple as jersey pull, fixing shoulder pads chin straps, strip sacks, helmets coming off sidlines erupting on a break out run and having players and coach run down the sideline with you in the way to the end zone on close games on game winning touchdown have the crowd storm the field

    1. Also the details for each team. (Some teams have no huddle, others do a sugar huddle). Some teams should have a clap cadence, some shouldn’t.

  4. “Dynasty mode in some capacity,” has me a little worried. But I’m glad college football is coming back to the video game world!

    1. i think they will focus on on-line and try to make Madden type money. i hope this wouldn’t happen but money will always be the driving force

    2. Agreed I haven’t seen anything about this game yet that I find even the least bit interesting. The only thing I have seen so far is a limitation in all of the features I have enjoyed in NCAA Football games over the years. I smell a cash grab coming.

  5. My favorite thing in ncaa 14 revamped is the espn section with the polls and recent news and upset shockers

  6. Can’t wait I hope it opens the scouting in Madden for the in coming Draft classes by being able to send players along with there award history and injury history and stats..Send every player and let us pick right or wrong with the top pick.

    1. @Lauren Becerra I miss it too I just hope they add in the things I was saying. It’s realistic and real football. I mean in real life every player leaving school has a chance to be drafted or go as a undrafted free Agent.Every player has a story matters if they get picked or not. That needs to be inside sending all players leaving school into Madden and leave it to us to take a chance on that pick. Matters if a players rating are in the 70s or lower. I’ve had players win awards rated 74 and he was a two time AA and won Awards but wasn’t even drafted because his rating was to low. Send all that’s leaving to Madden and leave it to us and whatever is not drafted leave til next year if there not on a team Delete them and do the same going into the next year. Send players to Madden with there stats and awards into the scouting and draft to make it real.

  7. Back in the day, you could create a player, play their entire career in the NCAA, then upload them into Madden to be drafted. It would be sweet to be able to do that again.

    1. Whoa they didn’t have a fave of the fotf or my career they didn’t have locked in positions with both games. If they did what year are you speaking of. Back in the day is so vague. At best you could draft players but their stats didn’t keep to both franchise modes

    2. @Christopher Reed yeah they didn’t keep their stats u couldn’t really do a continuous career
      What years was this bc there wasn’t much that transferred

  8. They still need to make sure that you can import the draft classes to madden. I’m in it for the dynasty, and like another person said, in four years all players will be gone anyway so I’m not concerned about player likeness.

    1. @Marquello Lynch I think the older versions? 05’-08’? I remember there were FCS/HBCUs. Bcuz you had to play someone week 1 and if you were an SEC school that means your were bound to rush for 1,000 yards that game🤣🤣

    2. @Mitchell Gotta add FCS schools! There are some great schools/athletes out there. They deserve shine too! Hell they might be starting on your favorite NFL in the future

  9. Awesome news!! 🏈 Keep it coming!! I’m really enjoying the running game and 360 cuts in Madden 23 Beta —- I hope they will keep the ground game similar or same for NCAA.

  10. I just hope they bring back the create a school. I loved making random schools and designing the jerseys.

  11. They definitely gotta make sure the college atmosphere is on point. Nothing like playing a big game in Dynasty mode on another team’s field with the crowd loud af and the camera was shaking. Can’t wait for this!

  12. I’m loving that the little details are making a comeback in this game as EA seems more focused on that in this game than Madden so this is great news for us. For a lot of players none of us cared about using generic players, we loved it because it was like a bunch of created players with some getting to the NFL in Madden.

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