Indie Gaming This Week: 11 – 17 Apr 2022

An awesome week of new indie game awaits us, so see my picks in Indie Gaming This Week! 00:00 ► Start 00:17 ► #10 Lulu's Temple : 00:42 ► #9 Cat Cafe Manager : 01:25 ► #8 RUN: The world in-between : 02:24 ► #7 Sephonie : 03:20 ► #6 Lumencraft : Bigger Games 03:56 ► CRIMESIGHT* : Smaller Games 05:08 ► Car Detailing Simulator : 05:45 ► Cathedral : 07:21 ► Epiphany City : 08:50 ► Friendsim 2 : 09:17 ► Kingdom Workshop : 09:55 ► LIGHT:Black Cat & Amnesia Girl : 11:02 ► Nobody Saves the World : 11:58 ► Suhoshin : 12:44 ► #5 : 14:01 ► #4 : 15:16 ► #3 : 15:59 ► #2 : 16:52 ► #1 : ----MEMBERSHIPS & MERCH---- 💸Patreon► 👕Merch Store► ▶️YouTube Channel Membership► -------- PLAYLISTS 🔥Best Indie Games of All Time: 🔥Upcoming Indie Games: - 🔥Pixel Art Indie Games: 🔥Metroidvania Indie Games: 🔥Rogue-lites/likes Indie Games: 🔥Action Platformer Indie Games: 🔥Zelda-like Indie Games: 🔥Souls-like Indie Games: 🔥Monster Taming Indie Games: 🔥Tactics Indie Games: OTHER SUPPORT LINKS 💻My Gear► 🛒Amazon► (all purchases after clicking this link will support me!) 🕹️ Game Store► 🎮Humble Partner ► ☕Buy me a Cup of Coffee! ► 🦗Epic Games Store Referral Code ► BESTINDIEGAMES SOCIAL LINKS 🌐Website► 🐤Twitter ► 📝Newsletter► 💬Discord► 😀Steam Group ► 🖼️Steam Curation ► 📖Facebook ► INTRODUCTION I'm Clement, nice to meet you! I have a passion for Indie Games due to how fun, creative and OUT OF THIS WORLD they can be, so this channel helps get the word out on the Best Indie Games. Feel free to get in touch via Twitter / email for comments, requests or just to make a human connection and I'll do my best to get back to you. PS: Most of the links above are tied to some affiliate program where I do get a percentage of the sales, so thank you for supporting the channel. #BestIndieGames #indiegames #ClemmyGames

24 thoughts on “Indie Gaming This Week: 11 – 17 Apr 2022

  1. Many thanks for keeping us up to date as always! Some interesting games this week, I hope more of them get to release eventually on the switch

  2. Such an amazing week for releases. Lumencraft, BIOTA, and Uragun are day one purchases for me. Been excited for all of them.

  3. B.I.O.T.A looks incredible. A work of genius art. I know people go on about pixel-over-use but honestly pixel art = creation within limitations and thus becomes sublime art and B.I.O.T.A is just amazing example of this with fun gameplay and variety in retro-vibe style. It looks like a mash-up of Aliens (movie) with The Thing (movie) with some golden age sci-fi thrown in and classic scenarios with a mash-up of Predator style gang of elite commandos. Just so much in such a little packate of pixel perfection !!

    100% buying this.

    Your top 3 is good too.

  4. You missed release if the Metroidvania this week – Blast brigade v Evil legion of dr Cread. I’m – really enjoying the game. overall a great contribution to the metroidvania genre – 👍👍👍👍👍 five thumbs

  5. Random thought but anyone think that it would be so cool if a certain Half-Genie and a Knight that Wields a Shovel would cross paths???

  6. Konami are looking for indy developers now actually still, i don’t know how it works if they submit their games or if Konami scouts them out. Skelattack the first indy game they took on, i am pretty sure the developer is working on a new one with them too, i follow his social media stuff, he made a hint a few months ago about a new project.

  7. Too much early access titles, i do not know about the rest of you, but when i see ea i skip to the next title. Not interested in uncompleted games.

  8. Don’t get me wrong. I love lots and lots of games that are pixelated. But I’m so tired of that graphic style. Developers choose to do that for whatever reason. I’d just like to see things done differently.

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