video New Amiga games 2022

Patreon: New Amiga games 2022: Black Dawn - TechoMage Demo Castlevania AGA CiberPunk Alien City Drag & Drop Deluxe Green Beret Quest : Chapter II - Wonder Boy ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Amiga 500 Amiga best games Amiga top games retro games

13 thoughts on “video New Amiga games 2022

  1. Even using AMIGA modern accelerator cards and graphical cards the new coders are too lazy to do better than the classic companies.

  2. these are pretty impressive. the castlevania x68000 port surprises me the most. and the fact that castlevania x68000 got ported to the amiga before getting ported to the sega genesis, a console which literally sports the exact same processor that the Sharp x68 used, kinda leaves me a little salty lol

    1. I really enjoyed playing these games…
      It’s amazing what a great job these guys are doing… creating new games on the Commodore Amiga…
      Go ahead! 🙂

    1. Muchas gracias a ti 🙂
      Es increíble el gran trabajo que están haciendo estos chicos.
      Creando nuevos juegos para Commodore Amiga… hoy en día.
      Estoy disfrutando mucho jugando y compartiendo estos juegos 🙂

    1. Yes, when I answered you I also put it in the description of the video so that everyone can play and enjoy… 🙂

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