Top 10 Video Games As Board Games WISHLIST!!

#LiegeOfGames #boardgames #kickstarter It's becoming bigger and bigger each year. There's so many to choose from, so which of your favorite video game franchises would you love to see translated over to the tabletop? Here's my list of 10! Thanks for watching! Please send media inquiries to Support me on Patreon for $1? Subscribe to my channel Time Stamp: 00:00 - Tons of choices! 02:02 - Hades 04:00 - Metal Gear Solid 05:39 - Final Fantasy 4-7?/Tactics (Advance) 06:48 - Super Smash Brothers 07:34 - Metroid/vania 08:48 - Kingdom Hearts 09:55 - Chrono Trigger 11:19 - Pokemon something? 12:49 - Psychonauts 13:50 - Mass Effect 14:59 - Final Thoughts #hades #metroid #psychonauts #pokemonarceus #masseffect

34 thoughts on “Top 10 Video Games As Board Games WISHLIST!!

  1. Dead Space is at the top of my wish list. I’ve actually put some thought into that lol Xenogears is another that would be a cool bg.

    Dude, you’ve got a great list! Metal Gear, FFTactics, FF6, 7, 9 or Chrono Trigger/Cross, Phsyconaughts, Mass Effect, all amazing games that would translate into fun board games.

  2. I have Jagged Alliance sitting on my shelf and I hope that I’m going to play it soon. 😁
    SyphonFilter and Fable is also on my wishlist of games that will be ported to board game form. 😀

  3. World of Warcraft could do soooo much more than what has been represented present day. Halo is another franchise that has been just slapped on a box with another game’s mechanics and called a Halo version (i.e. Risk)…..There are so many games with amazing storylines that could do so well in the board game space. Destiny, Ratchet and Clank, Far Cry, The Walking Dead (Telltale Series), Minecraft Dungeons….just to name a few more in addition to the ones you already mentioned. Great Vid. Keep up the good work!

    1. Yeah, I own the Fantasy Flight WoW with all expansions. It was pretty ground-breaking when it came out – 17 years ago. Now the game shows it’s age. I played it two years ago with four players and it took half a day! I played it with two players (co-op that I made myself), and that game took 3-4 hours. The game is crazy long! I so wish another publisher would pick up that IP and run with it. It has potential to be great.

  4. Tenchu would be a nice alternative to MGS being a stealth game but playing as a ninja. Jumping, climbing, stealth attacks…..I could see now!

  5. I’ve been thinking of how to adapt Hades into a board game for about a year now. I think a company like CTGs using similar mechanisms to Too Many Bones but with more focus on tactical positioning, would work great.

    The weapons could provide initial asymmetric attack patterns / range on a hex grid and set initiative with attack / special attack. Followed by drawing from unique decks of God cards that provide boons. For example after finishing an Athena room you draw from Athena’s deck and select one of 3 cards – +damage atk with deflect, +damage cast with deflect etc. And if you draw and select a card you already own you could slot it under the same card to provide a bonus, aka additional attack on Athena’s attack boon.

    I’m getting carried away. I just really want a hades game!

  6. I would like to see Legends of Runeterra from Riot Games as Card Game. Or more games based on the League of Legends universe like Mechs vs Minions. Or a good Zelda game. Or Persona 5. Or Ghost of Tsushima.

  7. Mass Effect. Huge epic story campaign game where your choice really matter. Not only that but it would also be a dungeon crawl with the gameplay of something like Stormsunder where every character have his own unique deck of card abilities,equipments. The combat would use cards+Dices. Some base building mechanics[Normandy] using element from Aeon Trespass odyssey and ISS Vanguard. That game would he huge, in my head anyways. 🙂

  8. Final fantasy is a good call and along those lines I would like to see fire emblem- mythic mini style with dd means I think this can be done. More recent ip aside I would like to see some of the older games go cardboard such as gauntlet, chaos engine and shining force.

  9. Super Smash Bros Melee is my favorite game of all time. I would die for a board game version of smash. Plus I think it would break kickstarter. 😊

  10. Have you looked at the board game named Adrenaline? It is an implementation of a first person shooter. It came out about 6 years ago and you can still find it for sale.

  11. A campaign game with the time travel mechanics of Chrono would be really special. It could fit well in a boss battler of sorts.

  12. Metal gear solid one of my favorite games of all time and one of the hardest villians ever to defeat.

  13. Super Smash Bros with the mechanics of “Godzilla: Tokyo Clash” would be sweet!
    Metroidvanias… I think this + Roguelike games have the same problem on the board game: You’d have to go back to the same place over and over again to actually have progress. Don’t know if that will work on the board.
    But if it’s just the theme and maybe a campaign style game with either of those, Metroid, Hades….. I’m in!
    Psychonauts as theme would also be great, it’s pretty fresh and with a very colorful artstyle!

  14. Dead Space would be good game to see converted into a board game. Hav an interesting mechanic where unless you dismember the creatures they keep coming back.

  15. Good luck with that a Final Fantasy version of Monopoly was supposed to come out around 2017 BUT that never happened Square Enix could not get permission from the makers of Monopoly to do that.

  16. It’s been mentioned several times already, but please give us some Dead Space!!! Red Dead Redemption would be huge too. Not sure how GTA would port to a board game, but man would it sell…and what fun those comment sections would be!! I wonder how much money an actual Diablo game would rake in? I don’t remember any official games with the Diablo IP, but I could be wrong. I guess there have been CoD Risk and Monopoly…but are we really counting those?? Dishonored would be pretty sweet too. Oh…and since South Park has a couple video games, and creator Trey Parker is a board gamer…why not an amazing South Park (non monopoly) board game?

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